Tradeshow: Infobip Shift Conference

Event Date: May 23rd, 2023

Location: Miami, Florida

Historic Alfred I. duPont Building,

169 E Flagler St, Miami,

FL 33131, United States

Shift, one of Europe’s most popular developer conferences, is coming to the USA. For the first time ever, Infobip’s Shift Conference will cross the Atlantic and get even closer to the global tech community. Dear developers, software engineers, product owners, founders, startups, and all kinds of IT professionals and enthusiasts – we are here to Shift Your World.

If you are passionate about software, development, and tech, or just want to meet interesting people from all over the world, join us on the first-ever Shift Miami.

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Speaker: Paige Cruz | Senior Developer Advocate, Chronosphere

Paige Cruz

Paige Cruz is a Senior Developer Advocate at Chronosphere passionate about cultivating sustainable on-call practices and bringing folks their aha moment with observability. She started as a software engineer at New Relic before switching to Site Reliability Engineering holding the pager for InVision, Lightstep, and Weedmaps. Off-the-clock you can find her spinning yarn, swooning over alpacas, or watching trash TV on Bravo.

There’s No Place Like Production

There’s a reason “i test in prod” isn’t a cheeky take but a lived reality. And that reason is there is no place like production. Not local dev not staging or any other environment. This became clear when I deployed a tiny config change that passed all checks, reviews and pre-production environments that triggered a SEV-1.

Examining each step of the journey from PR to production I uncovered the snafu that had occurred (unsurprisingly it relates to overwriting key blocks on nested YAML files). 

I’ll share how difficult it was to reconstruct the chain of events in the system compared to the ideal case of a highly observable system and how to share your own incident learnings since we all test in prod!

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