Chronosphere at’s Dev Talks: Kubernetes Edition – Replay

“Intro to M3 and Prometheus: Monitoring at Global Scale” by Gibbs Cullen and “Comprehensive Observability of your Microservices using Deep Linked Metrics and Traces” by Shreyas Srivatsan

Gibbs’ Talk: Prometheus solves the monitoring needs of many and has exploded in popularity. Now developers wish to store more metrics, at longer retention and establish a single pane of glass on top of Prometheus. M3 is an open-source metrics platform that you can deploy and run using Kubernetes and Helm that integrates with Prometheus. It can store petabytes of metrics data with replication for high availability in a cost-efficient manner.


Shreyas’ Talk: Metrics are a great tool for notifying when something goes wrong. Distributed tracing provides the ability to drill down deeper into an issue when triaging an alert with a non-obvious root cause. Jumping from metrics raising an alert to a representative problematic trace is difficult, but even once there, users often want to compare a problematic trace with a non-problematic one to help root cause the issue.

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