Tradeshow: LeadingEng West Coast 2023

Wednesday October 18th, 2023 | Oakland Marriott City Center | Oakland, CA

Learn how to level up your cloud native observability with Chronosphere.

Chronosphere is excited to be a sponsor of LeadingEng West Coast 2023, a one-day event specifically created for new and existing senior technology leaders, Heads, Directors and VPs of Engineering. It gives you the insights and reassurance you need to tackle a range of leadership challenges – from building healthy cross-functional  relationships to creating strategy for your teams.

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Ian Smith
Field CTO

Why Observability Needs to be Treated as Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure in our day-to-day lives are the things we rely on, but rarely think about. From water, to power, to the internet, we only notice them when they’re disrupted. In your dev environment, you also have a set of critical infrastructure: your cloud provider, your code repositories, and IDE, maybe even Slack. However, if you’re not considering your observability tooling as part of that critical infrastructure stack, you’re exposing yourself to significant risks. In this session, we will discuss:

  • What does critical infrastructure mean in a development environment?
  • Why observability is critical infrastructure and what happens when it goes away?
  • How you can protect yourself and mitigate observability risks

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