Event Date: Thursday, May 11, 2023 | 5:30 PM

Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The Open Source Edinburgh meetup aims to expand contributions to and consumption of open source technologies that support large enterprises in addressing their business challenges.

With expert guest speakers and facilitators at each session, you can expect: demos of the latest open source technologies; case study presentations on transformational or enabling projects; investigations of tech, down to the code level; and interactive sessions exploring agile ways of working and how to foster an open source culture.

Speaker: Eric Schabell | Director of Evangelism | Chronosphere

Eric is Chronosphere’s Director of Evangelism. He’s renowned in the development community as a speaker, lecturer, author and baseball expert. His current role allows him to help the world understand the challenges they are facing with cloud native observability. He brings a unique perspective to the stage with a professional life dedicated to sharing his deep expertise in open source technologies and organisations. Follow him at https://www.schabell.org.