Tradeshow: Roadmap to Becoming a CNCF Ambassador

Event Date November 8th, 4:30-5:05 PM CST

Location: Chicago, IL | McCormick Place West

The CNCF Ambassador program is designed for individuals who are passionate about cloud native technologies and want to contribute to the community. Becoming an ambassador is a great opportunity to enhance your knowledge, gain visibility within the industry, and help drive the adoption of cloud-native technologies.

The road to becoming an ambassador might seem intimidating, scary, or just impossible, but it does not have to be. We’ve put together a roadmap that leads you to the title of CNCF Ambassador. In this session a current ambassador and the community manager share the stage to bring you insights into achieving the title of CNCF Ambassador. 

Whether you are a developer, student, or seasoned professional, this talk provides attendees with 5 actionable insights needed to take your cloud-native skills to the next level and become a CNCF Ambassador. Join us to learn how you can contribute to the community and advance your career by taking the road to the CNCF Ambassador community.


Katie Greenly, Sr. Community Engagement + Outreach Manager, CNCF

Eric D. Schabell, Director of Evangelism, Chronosphere

Eric D. Schabell

Eric is Chronosphere’s Director of Evangelism. He’s renowned in the development community as a speaker, lecturer, author and baseball expert. His current role allows him to help the world understand the challenges they are facing with cloud native observability. He brings a unique perspective to the stage with a professional life dedicated to sharing his deep expertise of open source technologies and organizations. Follow on

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