Chronosphere and CrowdStrike

Chronosphere and CrowdStrike offer an all-in-one Observability Platform

Man Looking at Monitor

Chronosphere Logs powered by CrowdStrike provide a scalable and efficient logging backend.

Chronosphere’s observability platform, which now includes Logs powered by CrowdStrike, delivers a scalable, reliable and cost-effective cloud-native solution that correlates all observability signals across metrics, events, logs and traces.

Together, Chronosphere and CrowdStrike provide a seamless experience in best-of-breed observability expertise and best-in-class protection to ensure customers have real-time insights for fast decision making. 

The Bottom Line: with Chronosphere and CrowdStrike, organizations have the tools they need to solve problems faster while  controlling cost and improving developer productivity. 

Leading Adopters of Cloud Native Partner with Chronosphere