Chronosphere Observability technical buyer’s guide


Remediate problems quickly and shorten downtimes to get back to business.

Today, many organizations are exploring a move towards a hosted, managed metrics SaaS offering. Why? Teams are finding themselves limited when running their own Prometheus deployments. And, under the strain of increased data volume and cardinality, many monitoring systems can prove unreliable.

As you seek to understand all the options available to modernize your monitoring and observability landscape, this technical buyer’s guide offers a deeper understanding of the Chronosphere platform and how we solve the challenges of rapid remediation.

Still unsure if Chronosphere is the right fit? Or, are you needing a succinct way to present it to the higher-ups? In this comprehensive guide, we answer questions around: 

  • High availability and reliability
  • Security and administration
  • Controlling data growth
  • Performance and scale
  • Service and support