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Our Company and Vision

Read about Chronosphere’s origin story and learn more about our vision, mission, leadership and investors.

Our Company and Vision

Read about Chronosphere’s origin story and learn more about our vision, mission, leadership and investors.

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Chronosphere is the only observability platform that puts you back in control by taming rampant data growth and cloud native complexity, delivering increased business confidence. Chronosphere is backed by venture capital investors Greylock, Lux Capital, General Atlantic, Addition, and Founders Fund.

The team is distributed, with major hubs in New York, Seattle and Vilnius.

Our Vision and Mission


Our vision is to accelerate global innovation by providing organizations with the building blocks to achieve higher operational excellence.


Our mission is to guide modern businesses to leverage observability as an essential competitive advantage.

The Story So Far

The founders and engineers architected, developed, and scaled Uber’s monitoring platform. As the company’s cloud native journey began and adoption of microservices and container based infrastructure grew, it became obvious that no solution, open source or vendored, was scalable, reliable or cost efficient enough.

The answer was to build from within, with a focus on tackling the unique challenges cloud native applications created for monitoring. The outcome was the metrics engine – M3 – which was developed in open source from day one to ensure it would not only solve the problem for a single company, but help the broader community as well.

M3 scaled to power one of the largest production monitoring use cases in the world, ingesting billions of data points per second and serving hundreds of thousands of dashboards and alerts. It was also adopted by other household brands such as Walmart, FedEx, and Comcast.

As the open source community grew, so did the next layer of questions from large organizations and fast growing tech companies that needed more than what the open source project had to offer.

It only felt right to take this as an opportunity to build upon the technology and the experience gained to go on a mission to create the world’s most scalable, reliable, and customizable cloud monitoring solution for the rest of the companies that are embarking on their cloud native journeys.

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Meet Our Leadership

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Martin Mao

CEO / Co-Founder

Rob Skillington

CTO / Co-Founder

Matt Mihic

Global Head of Engineering

Jeff Cobb

Global Head of Product & Design

Gabriela Serret-Campos

Global Head of People

Scott Mersy

Global Head of Marketing

Bryan Dell

Global Head of Revenue

Adrian Seet

Global Head of Finance

We Are a G2 High Performer

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Charlie P. from Robinhood says “Chronosphere is Stable, Fast and cost effective at scale.”

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