Observability with Control

Find and fix customer-impacting issues faster and stop paying for data you don’t use with the world’s most reliable observability platform.

Pipeline + Platform for Exceptional Control

Chronosphere offers the only observability solutions that give customers complete control over cost and complexity:

  • Telemetry Pipeline: From the creators of Fluent Bit and Calyptia, simplify the collection, transformation, and routing of telemetry data from any source to any destination.
  • Observability Platform: An end-to-end observability solution allowing teams to harness the most useful data, reduce spend, boost developer efficiency, and remediate faster.

Trusted by Cloud Native Leaders

"The visibility and control that Chronosphere’s platform gives us to manage our observability data and costs are a game changer."


VP of Engineering

"The long-term impact of switching to Chronosphere is freeing up headspace to tackle the hard problems and deliver business value and a better experience for our customers."


Software Engineering Tech Lead Manager

"The Chronosphere team is swift, thorough, and pleasant. They can dive in deep and help us proactively solve problems with rapid turn-around time."


Senior Staff Engineer

"With Chronosphere the central observability team’s on-call pages have decreased by 90%. The team can now work on value-added tools for Snap – instead of constantly putting out fires in the observability platform."


Technical Lead

Fluent Bit Academy

Fluent Bit is a lightweight telemetry pipeline that simplifies collecting, processing, and routing telemetry data from any source to any destination. Fluent Bit Academy is your destination for best practices and how-to’s on advanced processing, routing, and all things Fluent Bit. Learn about integrating Fluent Bit with OpenTelemetry, Windows, OpenSearch, and more! All available on demand.

The Benefits of Chronosphere

Cloud native and DevOps have changed the way we write, deploy, and run our environments, but if you’re still using legacy infrastructure and application monitoring tools, you may not be realizing the benefits you expected.

Chronosphere gives you the ability to cut through the noise to rapidly detect, understand and remediate issues before they impact customers, all while keeping cost and value in balance.

Improve developer productivity

Delivering more with the engineers you have is your key to unlocking a competitive advantage. Get more output from the engineering team you have, deliver new revenue streams.

Exceed your customers’ expectations

Without iron clad reliability, you can’t deliver on customer commitments. An observability solution that is down is of zero value. Protect against churn and avoid customer-facing issues.

Control cost

Observability is one of the most expensive items in your budget. Manage observability costs associated with exponential data growth to reduce bottom line expenses while accelerating MTTx.


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Trusted By Industry Leaders

Chronosphere Named a Strong Performer in 2023 Gartner® Peer Insights™ “Voice of the Customer” Report

Chronosphere has been named a Strong Performer for 2023 in the Gartner® Peer Insights™ "Voice of the Customer" for Application Performance Monitoring and Observability Report. See how we stack up when it comes to deployment, support, and product experiences.