Cloud-Native Monitoring Control costs Scale reliably

Insights into every layer of your stack: from the infrastructure to the applications to the business

Keep monitoring costs from increasing exponentially, even as you grow to thousands of engineers and millions of data points

Trust that your monitoring can scale with a SaaS offering that is 100% compatible with open source standards

Neither cloud hosted nor open source monitoring tools were designed for the complexity and scale of cloud-native apps.

Companies need a solution that is as scalable, reliable and flexible as the apps they monitor.


Outgrowing Prometheus

Prometheus provides out-of-the-box monitoring for many cloud-native companies, but as they scale, they find themselves battling single points of failure, limited data retention and wasted engineering time debugging monitoring issues.



Adopting Cloud Native

The previous generation of SaaS monitoring solutions can’t handle the speed and complexity of cloud-native architectures. As you transition to cloud-native, trying to use a legacy monitoring solution can lead to loss of visibility, uncontrollable skyrocketing costs and vendor lock-in in an open standards world.


Keep cost under control as you scale.

  • Complete control over metric retention, resolution and aggregation based on the environment or team.
  • Gain visibility into how much metrics data each team is producing, set quotas and limits by team.
  • Never have to make tough trade-offs about what systems to monitor. Never have a surprise overage.


Trust that your monitoring can scale reliably as you transition to cloud-native.

  • Built from the ground-up for cloud-native scale and complexity.
  • Greater reliability than any other SaaS offering on the market.
  • Scale to tens of millions of active time series without missing a beat.

Future proofed observability

  • Leverage existing investments in open-source dashboards, queries, and metrics setup.
  • Faster onramp for new engineers who are already familiar with open-source tooling.
  • Complete end-to-end managed SaaS solution.
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