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True Cloud-Native Monitoring Scale reliably. End overages.

Scalable, reliable and customizable monitoring-as-a-service purpose built for cloud-native applications.

Market-leading digital disruptors depend on Chronosphere to monitor mission-critical cloud-native apps.

Save 10X on monitoring costs and keep them low with granular controls.

Neither cloud hosted nor open source monitoring tools were designed for the complexity and scale of cloud-native apps.

Companies need a solution that is as scalable, reliable and flexible as the apps they monitor.


Outgrowing Prometheus

Prometheus provides out-of-the-box monitoring for many cloud-native companies, but as they scale, they find themselves battling single points of failure, limited data retention and wasted engineering time debugging monitoring issues.



Adopting Cloud Native

Cloud hosted monitoring solutions were never meant for cloud-native applications and using them leads to a loss of visibility, uncontrollable skyrocketing costs and vendor dependence in an open standards world.


Debug issues across the stack without toggling between tools

  • Analyze the health of infrastructure, applications and business in a single place.
  • Solve complex issues by following them through the different layers of the stack.
  • Guarantee all data is captured so everyone always has access to the metrics they need.


Avoid additional complexity for the overloaded engineering team

  • Eliminate the cognitive load of managing monitoring infrastructure and tracking data locality.
  • Simplify configuration with a single uniform lightweight agent that automatically scales with workloads.
  • Build upon open standards with native Prometheus plus PromQL support and embedded Grafana dashboards.

Customize data to match priorities and budget

  • Prevent overages with intelligent limits and customizable storage policies.
  • Empower each team to make informed choices about retention, resolution and aggregation.
  • Reduce monitoring costs by 10x compared to existing solutions.
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Scalable, reliable and customizable monitoring-as-a-service purpose built for cloud-native applications.