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We’re building a dynamic team that’s delivering a new kind of observability to some of the most respected brands in the world.





“What helps me grow, and what I think helps everyone grow, is to keep learning, keep doing new things. That’s how we grow as people, that’s how we help grow the company.” “

Shreyas Srivatsan, Member of Technical Staff

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Life at Chronosphere

5 stars rating
5 stars rating

Meet the team

Every Chronospherian is unique and someone to be celebrated. From engineering superstar to finance whiz to HR hero, our company would not be where we are today without contributions from every employee. Meet some members of our team and learn what they’re working on that excites them.

Elenore Bastian, Engineering Manager

“I could tell the team was committed to ramping everybody up, to investing in each other – I’m brand new to monitors, observability, metrics, and that whole world and Chronosphere felt like a safe space to learn.”

Ting Chen, Member of Technical Staff

“When I joined Chronosphere, it became clear to me that these engineers laid the foundation for a great company, bringing all the best coding practices and processes together in order to make an awesome observability product.”

Meet the Chronosphere Team Alec Holmes

Alec Holmes, Member of Technical Staff

“I’ve always found that I’m happiest when I’m working in a team of people that are all very collaborative and supportive and working in sync. That’s something that I’ve found at Chronosphere.”

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We believe in a work environment where all Chronospherians thrive. Our best-in-class benefits prove it.

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We believe in a work environment where all Chronospherians thrive. Our best-in-class benefits prove it.

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No Egos

We leave our egos at the door. We display a fierce resolve to advance the company coupled with personal humility. It is not about politics or entitlement. We are aligned in our quest for the best solution, acknowledge when we are wrong, and focus on the direction forward.



Enduring Camaraderie & Care

We go into this journey knowing it will not be easy. We tackle challenges as a team – working together towards a shared mission, supporting each other and learning along the way. We care for one another and are in this together.



Trust & Transparency

We have steadfast trust in each other – in our character and our capabilities. We thoughtfully share information, ideas, and feedback with positive intent.


Reliability & Responsibility

We have a profound sense of responsibility to our customers, the problems we are solving, to our culture and each other. We take ownership for the whole problem end to end, drive it forward and go above and beyond.



Nothing is Impossible

We are bold and audacious because of the innate trust we have in each other’s capabilities. We have grit backed by experience, our track record, and our ability to deliver.


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