LaunchDarkly is now integrated with Chronosphere to enrich observability data 

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Users can now view LaunchDarkly events in Chronosphere to understand more about the impact of a given change within their environment.

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Steve Zegalia | Senior Product Marketing Manager, LaunchDarkly

Steve Zegalia is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for LaunchDarkly. 


Improved analysis with LaunchDarkly

The world of cloud-based development creates a fast-flowing stream of changes in observability data that engineering teams need to catalog to observe, analyze, and act on. For users of Chronosphere and LaunchDarkly, that complex task just got more manageable. 

Now, Chronosphere is integrated with LaunchDarkly to provide users with direct access to events from LaunchDarkly to evaluate system performance. 

LaunchDarkly is a feature management platform that enables engineers to use feature flags as a control point to improve every aspect of software releases, from progressive rollouts and targeted experiences to product experimentation and mobile development. With every feature release, LaunchDarkly drives workflows that connect the code that developers build to the applications and services that their customers experience.

View events in real time

And with this integration, you can now view LaunchDarkly events in Chronosphere to understand more about the impact of a given change. The experience of going from alert, to dashboard, to identifying a feature flag change event, to identifying the exact flag and author of that change taking takes just seconds to a few minutes with Chronosphere. 

Here’s an example of how it works in practice: Let’s say that you’re on-call and an alert hits your Slack channel — you’re provided with a description of the alert type and a link to the Chronosphere alert dashboard. Using the Chronosphere dashboard, you can see that there were recently three deploy change events and a feature flag change event in LaunchDarkly minutes before the alert. You can explore each event to explore a detailed view of the event and ascertain that it has a good chance of being the cause of the issue. From there, you can review the changes, identify the developer responsible for those changes, and reach out to the right resource for action. 

Learn about the integration today

Adopting cloud native architectures is giving organizations the power to scale and compete in an increasingly always-on world, but complexity can come with modernization. Combining Chronosphere’s cloud native observability with LaunchDarkly’s feature management platform lets customers find changes in fast-flowing observability data so they can resolve problems quickly and keep their environments running smoothly. 

The LaunchDarkly integration is easily configurable by creating a webhook within LaunchDarkly to send events to Chronosphere — you can read the documentation here. 

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