Observability for the Cloud Native Generation

Chronosphere is building an ecosystem of partners to help you reach your observability objectives. We are aligning with industry leaders to guide you through your observability journey and give you a competitive advantage.

As cloud native adoption has skyrocketed so has the volume and velocity of data that organizations must monitor to maintain visibility over their IT environments.

Whether you are looking to control costs or improve your developer productivity Chronosphere coupled with the muscle of our partner ecosystem can help get you to where you need to be.

If your digital transformation includes ensuring you have an observability strategy that will take you into the future we’ve got you covered.

Together with our partners we enable our customers to know, understand, and triage data.

Check back often as we are continuously adding new partners to our ecosystem.

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Why Partner With Chronosphere?

Chronosphere is purpose-built for cloud native environments

Future-proofed with OSS standards like 100% PromQL compatibility

Built to scale, with our largest customers sending 20M+ data points per second

World-class customers include Snap, AWS, Lightrun, and more

Google Stats


of Chronosphere is built on Google Kubernetes Engine


data points per second sent

Built to scale with our largest customers


Joint Google Cloud reference customers

Snap, Obsidian, Dandy and Visa

Partner Program

Reach out to us to find out more about becoming a partner with Chronosphere.