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Boost productivity and streamline operations with Chronosphere Lens. Experience unparalleled efficiency in troubleshooting, navigation, and collaboration, freeing up valuable engineering time for critical customer-facing tasks.

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Chronosphere Lens

Observability Data in Focus

Chronosphere Lens is a paradigm shift that redefines how developers engage with observability platforms. It is designed to meet the ever-changing demands of cloud-native observability by centralizing and contextualizing telemetry data, offering developers unified, situationally-aware views. This simplifies navigation through complex systems, enabling quicker, more informed decisions, especially during incidents.

By turning raw data from all your sources into actionable insights, and streamlining complexity into a navigable roadmap – all while speaking the language you understand, we’re empowering your developers to troubleshoot efficiently and drive meaningful innovation.

Automated Service-Centric View

Gain real-time, dynamic visibility into your services without manual configuration. Our automated service-centric views contextualize and centralize performance metrics, system behavior, and service dependencies in one unified panel.

Automated Service Discovery

Forget manual registrations. Chronosphere Lens continuously scans your environment to identify new services and updates as they happen. Get up-to-date listings and dependencies automatically, enhancing your situational awareness and accelerating issue resolution.

Global Service List

Manage and track all your services in a unified global list that not only simplifies cross-team communication but also provides real-time performance indicators for each service. Recognize service ownership and its current status, to make data-driven decisions all from a single, comprehensive view.

Test Drive Chronosphere Lens

Query Builder

Simplified PromQL Queries

The Chronosphere Query Builder enables customers to quickly and easily create PromQL queries without the need for expert knowledge of the Prometheus Query Language. This powerful tool is designed to help users of all levels retrieve the data they need faster. This simplification is achieved by breaking down the complex data model and syntax of PromQL into manageable, easy-to-understand components.

Easily create queries in PromQL

With Chronosphere Query Builder, you can quickly and simply create queries in PromQL without the need for expert knowledge of the Prometheus Query Language

Greater accuracy and confidence

Query Builder takes the guesswork out of the query building process, enabling you to query with greater accuracy and confidence

Query Accelerator

Experience Dashboards at Light-Speed

Enjoy automated optimization of slow dashboards

Query Accelerator automatically optimizes slow dashboard queries, eliminating the need for manual adjustments or specialized query knowledge. This frees engineers to focus on customer-facing tasks.

Enhance your troubleshooting efficiency

Query accelerator ensures that the panels engineers need to manipulate during their debugging process are quick and responsive. No breaking thought patterns as they wait for data to load.

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