Availability is Our Highest Priority

An observability solution that is down when you need it provides zero value.

Observability software that struggles with reliability and is down when you need it, gives you zero value. That’s why Chronosphere offers a three nines (99.9%) uptime SLA and strives to overachieve that SLA. Last year, we were proud to deliver greater than four nines (99.99%) uptime to all of our customers every month.

That’s less than 1 hour of downtime for the entire year!

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Our Availability Commitment

Chronosphere achieves more than 99.9% uptime

Uptime is more than an approach. Chronosphere’s cloud native observability platform was built from the ground-up for cloud native scale and complexity, which means greater reliability.

Our 99.9% uptime SLA is measured individually against the following components:

Console: the SaaS user interface

Ingest: the ability to successfully write telemetry

Query: the ability to read telemetry

How we are able to deliver 99.9% uptime

Single Tenant Deployment

Unlike many other SaaS solutions, Chronosphere is single tenant. This means no noisy neighbors, superior reliability, and individual customer status pages that lets you see exactly what’s happening in your tenant.

Industrial Resiliency

We store 3x data copies in diverse availability zones.

We ensure strong consistency on quorum writes and reads.

Dispersed Regions

Geographically dispersed regions enable highly consistent data, collected across three availability zones.

(Built on the same front-end serving infrastructure that powers Google)

All of this enables us to deliver a minimum of 99.99% uptime to our customers every month. Going from three nines to four nines is an exponentially more difficult task, but the result is well worth the effort — reducing customer downtime from over eight hours of downtime a year, to under one hour per year.

SLAs that are more than three nines uptime

We have a more rigorous approach to how we define uptime and our SLAs

Continuous Monitor Checks

We continuously monitor data ingestion and query round-trip by generating a random data point, writing it, and reading it back to confirm it was written.

Other vendors rely on a simple endpoint ping.

Immediate Downtime Counting

We start counting downtime as soon as we detect non-availability of the Chronosphere Covered Services.

Other vendors use the timestamp of the alert in the vendor’s monitoring systems or the timestamp of the customer’s ticket.

Dedicated Status Page

Every customer gets a dedicated status page so that you can always check on the availability of your Chronosphere instance.

No filing a support ticket!

Chronosphere boosts reliability for brands you rely on, day in and day out

When your observability software is highly reliable, it allows you to deliver the best customer experiences.

DoorDash Boosts Reliability

Before: DoorDash experienced constant data loss and full system outages. Any change made by developers could easily impact the monitoring tool’s ability to do its job.

Challenge: In a competitive market, user experience is everything and it is directly tied to revenue. App downtime led to poor customer experiences and risked customer satisfaction, retention, growth, and, ultimately, revenue.

Now: DoorDash experiences 99.99% of reliability across ingest, console, and query and experienced approximately one minute of downtime in a six month period.

Abnormal Security Improves Reliability

Before: Constant metrics outages plagued the infrastructure team tasked with managing observability. Also, resource limitations impacted triaging and management.

Challenge: Abnormal’s AI-based email threat detection software took off during the pandemic. The company needed to find an observability solution that could keep pace with over 300% business growth while achieving its targeted 99.9% SLA.

Now: With Chronosphere, Abnormal improved reliability and stability of its metrics system. The company is leveraging Chronosphere’s Control Plane to improve overall stability to greater than 99.9% uptime.

Robinhood Increases Reliability

Before: The company provides 99.9% SLA to its customers, but it was only receiving 90% of availability with its previous observability vendor and often experiences outages during peak seasonal events.

Challenge: Downtime posed major risk due to its economic impact on merchants, customers, and engineers.

Now: Chronosphere has improved the FinTech company’s observability stack availability to at least 99.9% and enabled them to seamlessly scale even during peak demand.

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