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Chronosphere is the only observability platform that puts you back in control by taming rampant data growth and cloud-native complexity, delivering increased business confidence.

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Chronosphere platform overview

Chronosphere is an efficient, reliable and flexible SaaS solution, built for scaling cloud-native engineering organizations. Teams at startups to well-known global brands in the Fortune 500 around the world trust Chronosphere to help them operate scalable, highly available, and resilient applications.

The Chronosphere platform can ingest metrics and distributed trace data in a variety of open source formats, allowing you to leverage existing observability investments for greater speed and flexibility.

Outcome-driven observability

As an outcome-driven observability platform, our focus is on providing tools to help you remediate issues faster and regain visibility and deep understanding over your cloud-native environment. With Chronosphere, you can also assign guardrails to teams in alignment with business priority, helping you avoid organizational challenges.

Our goal is to help you achieve great outcomes as you navigate the three phases of observability: know, triage, and understand. To accomplish this, we’ve built a scalable, reliable, and efficient observability platform that tightly couples traces into metrics, so users don’t have to switch between tools to quickly understand the root cause of a problem.

Reliability and efficiency at scale

Because Chronosphere was built from the ground-up for cloud-native scale and complexity, we can provide greater reliability than any other SaaS offering on the market. In addition, Chronosphere enables you to keep monitoring costs from increasing exponentially, even as you grow to thousands of engineers and millions of containers.

Control with flexibility

For most organizations, as data volumes grow, so do costs. However, not all metric and trace data should be treated equally — some data is inherently more critical or requires varying degrees of granularity and retention.

With Chronosphere, you decide what data is kept at what level of cardinality, for how long, and at what resolution. The result is you gain flexibility that no other solution provides, allowing you to take back control over your observability costs.

Outgrowing Prometheus Monitoring

Companies born in the cloud-native era like Tecton, a ML startup, start with Prometheus for monitoring, but quickly run into issues with siloed data, a lack of long-term storage and wasted engineering time firefighting the monitoring system.

“With Chronosphere, we basically don’t think about monitoring anymore as we spin deployments up and down.”
– Ravi Trivedi,

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The cost of free

Engineers spend too much time extending the functionality of Prometheus and firefighting reliability problems.

Cognitive load

During incidents, engineers have to context switch between data sources to get the metrics they need.

Missing data

With Prometheus, the teams had no access to data more than a week old. Even more recent data was frequently dropped to make room for new metrics.

How Chronosphere Helps

Cloud monitoring that scales with you provides better reliability and faster, long-term access to data.

Adopting Cloud Native

Companies adopting cloud-native, including one of the largest delivery apps in the world, try to use their existing hosted monitoring solutions for their cloud-native workloads, but find that it leads to a loss of visibility, a lack of reliability and uncontrollable cost overages.

“The visibility and control that Chronosphere’s platform gives us to manage our observability data and costs are a game changer, especially with our unprecedented growth.”
– Ryan Sokol, Doordash

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House of cards

A single developer’s seemingly benign change frequently overloads the whole monitoring system.

Constant overages

Existing solutions don’t provide flexibility in data retention and granularity, leaving companies with skyrocketing costs.

Flying blind

For companies that pride themselves in making data driven decisions, losing visibility means losing their competitive edge.

How Chronosphere Helps

Get instant access to data for more reliable system performance and save on unnecessary costs due to poor visibility, congested systems, or lack of flexibility with scalable cloud monitoring.

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