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Chronosphere’s cloud native observability platform provides you the reliability and speed you need with the flexibility and control you want.

Remediate issues faster and get data growth under control


Your observability heartbeat starts with metrics. You need to ingest and query high cardinality metrics generated by your containerized infrastructure, microservices applications, and business services. Generate near instantaneous alerts that go to the relevant teams with all the context they need to rapidly triage the incident. With lightning fast queries and dashboards, teams get everything they need to remediate issues before your customers feel a thing.

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Distributed Tracing

Distributed traces are extremely powerful tools for solving problems across large and/or complex systems. Start with the broader context from alerts and dashboards and hone in on more granular distributed trace data to quickly understand the root cause of a problem. Stop making decisions based on statistics, guesses, and samples. Capture, store and analyze every single distributed trace (even at scale), allowing you to make more accurate decisions based on the full distributed trace data set. Use intelligent aggregation and analysis to compare two sets of traces rather than individual spans.

Make Distributed Tracing Useful

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to see how distributed tracing can reduce MTTR.

Built for Cloud Native

Control Plane

New: Metrics Usage Analyzer

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Control with Flexibility

Reduce your data volume by 60% or more while improving problem detection and remediation.

As data volumes grow, so do costs. However, not all metric and trace data should be treated equally. With the Chronosphere Control Plane, you decide what data is kept, for how long, and at what resolution. Not only does this give you flexibility that no other solution provides, but it gives you back control over your observability costs.

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Metrics Usage Analyzer

The Metrics Usage Analyzer is a new way for central observability team managers, and team leads, to easily view cost and usage information side-by-side to make smarter metric traffic shaping decisions that reduce noise and boost signal.

We Are a G2 High Performer

The G2 High Performer badge is awarded to organizations with high customer satisfaction scores in their respective categories.

Charlie P. from Robinhood says “Chronosphere is Stable, Fast and cost effective at scale.”

G2 high performer award 2023

Cloud scale reliability and performance

Chronosphere has proven the ability to scale to tens of millions of active time series while maintaining industry leading performance and availability. How? With multi-region replication, single tenant architecture, and a proven architecture that can scale to billions of metrics, observability is always available even when your application is not. And Chronosphere only charges for persisted data, not ingest – so you only pay for the data you need.
Our Availability Commitment
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With Chronosphere, Robinhood improved the reliability of their observability solution to 99.9% uptime

Eliminate lock in and leverage existing open source investments

Organizations no longer need to depend on the black box magic of the monitoring vendor’s proprietary data formats. Avoid vendor lock-in with a solution that ingests data with Prometheus or OpenTelemetry and queries it easily with PromQL. Import your Prometheus AlertManager alerts and Grafana dashboards, and get better context with alert history. No matter your setup, we can help.
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Open source compatible
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Scalable, open source-compatible data collection

The Chronosphere Collector provides an open source-compatible and flexible way to ingest metrics from your environment regardless of scale. Each Chronosphere Collector is deployed per node, obviating the need to shard large Prometheus instances. Your data collection is simpler and massively scalable. The Chronosphere Collector is fully compatible with open source standards.

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Designed for the way engineers need and want to work

Faster queries and dashboards

Chronosphere helps engineers be more productive by giving them faster and more actionable alerts that they can triage rapidly, and reduces time spent on monitoring instrumentation.

Query Accelerator automatically and continuously scans for slow dashboard queries and augments them with their faster alternative, achieving optimal performance on every dashboard.


Chronosphere Collections is designed to reflect how modern cloud native software companies organize their systems and people. We give customers a global view of all their data, and the power to then easily zoom in on the data most relevant to different teams and the services for which individual engineers are responsible. 

Collections put data into context so users can see the data most relevant to them so they can respond to and remediate issues with unprecedented speed.

Our goal:

to provide the tools you need to remediate issues faster while getting observability data growth under control. We are making sure you have complete and real-time insight into your cloud native infrastructure, applications, and business.
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