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Empower your teams with real-time insights into critical business metrics, driving strategic decisions and operational excellence across all sectors.

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How We Do It

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Analyze business metrics from within your applications

Chronosphere transforms application-level business data such as purchases processed, customer check-ins, or service subscription renewals into actionable insights.

By providing visibility into real-time business data, whether it originates from backend application code, user actions in the browser, or third-party systems, Chronosphere offers a comprehensive and real-time view of business operations, empowering companies to make data-driven decisions and optimize performance.

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Correlate business and IT data to uncover root causes

Unravel the complex interplay between business outcomes and the applications and infrastructure that support it to obtain a holistic view of your operations. This correlation allows for the precise pinpointing of anomalies affecting customer experiences and business efficiency.

By integrating disparate data sources, Chronosphere helps you swiftly diagnose and address the root causes of issues, streamlining your business processes and exceeding customer expectations.

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Real-time alerts for proactive issue management

Chronosphere elevates issue detection and management through a real-time alerting system. This approach ensures your team is immediately aware of critical business incidents, facilitating rapid response and resolution.

By minimizing reliance on traditional, slower batch analysis, Chronosphere's alerting capabilities help you stay on top of rapidly changing world, business, and environmental conditions, safeguarding against potential disruptions and preserving customer trust.

Focused Business Observability

Business Observability for Financial Services

Chronosphere enhances financial services by enabling real-time analysis of operational metrics like transaction volumes and processing times. This observability empowers institutions to optimize financial operations, ensuring smooth and efficient transaction processing, essential in the fast-paced financial sector.

With Chronosphere, financial organizations gain insights into customer behavior and service usage trends. This data-driven approach facilitates strategic decision-making, helping financial institutions tailor services to meet evolving customer needs and stay ahead in a highly competitive market.

"A​​fter seven days, data isn’t usable. The fact that we now see data retention in excess of two years with Chronosphere is huge for us."

Senior Staff Engineer


Business Observability for Retail/E-Commerce

Chronosphere empowers retail businesses with real-time insights into customer engagement and sales performance. With on-demand access to this data as it happens, retailers can adapt quickly to market trends, optimize inventory, and enhance customer experiences, crucial for staying competitive in the dynamic retail industry.

Leverage Chronosphere for streamlined operational efficiency in e-commerce. Track and analyze key performance indicators such as transaction speeds, number of carts abandoned and checkout process effectiveness scoped by platform, payment type or region to ensure a seamless shopping experience, vital for customer retention and business growth in the retail sector.

Business Observability for Technology

Chronosphere assists B2B technology companies in rapidly and confidently delivering products and services. By facilitating collaborative development, tracking deployment performance, and providing real-time system insight that is intuitive, it ensures tech firms can meet market demands with agility and precision, maintaining a competitive edge.

Chronosphere empowers B2B technology companies with comprehensive observability tools to enhance their infrastructure efficiencies. By offering insights into application performance, Chronosphere enables tech firms to optimize systems, reduce operational costs, and seize new revenue opportunities.

Business Observability for Logistics and Manufacturing

Chronosphere optimizes logistics and manufacturing operations by providing real-time visibility into supply chain metrics and manufacturing processes. This enables companies to streamline production, manage inventory efficiently, and respond swiftly to market demands, ensuring operational excellence.

Leverage Chronosphere to monitor and analyze equipment performance and logistics efficiency. This deep insight into operational data drives better decision-making, reduces downtime, and enhances overall productivity, crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in the logistics and manufacturing sectors.

"Chronosphere's game-changing platform gives us the visibility and control to manage our observability data, especially with our unprecedented growth."

VP of Engineering

-Ryan Sokol

Business Observability for Entertainment and Media

Chronosphere provides real-time insights into performance metrics, crucial for media streaming and content delivery. Understanding viewer behavior and system performance across platforms and regions helps media companies optimize content delivery and maintain high service quality, essential for audience retention and growth.

Chronosphere elevates media and entertainment businesses with powerful observability of audience engagement and content distribution metrics. This enables companies to fine-tune content strategies and enhance viewer experiences, crucial in an industry driven by consumer preferences and trends.

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