Open source data collection

Data collection for cloud native

Data Collection with Chronosphere is specifically designed to address the needs of modern, cloud native software companies. It provides universal compatibility, supporting all key open-source formats.

Designed with scalability and reliability at its core, Data Collection can expand vertically or horizontally to meet your ever-evolving needs.

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With reliable, scalable, and efficient cloud monitoring metrics, you can identify issues faster, leveraging open source standards like Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, and StatsD ingestion protocols.

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Distributed Tracing

Ingest distributed traces at scale, seamlessly along with metrics using open source standards like OpenTelemetry, Jaeger, and Zipkin.

Key Benefits of Open Source Data Collection

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Flexible data ingestion

Switching to Chronosphere is easy with support for proprietary formats, like DogStatsD, SignalFx, and Wavefront.

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Open source compatible

Collect your data using well-known open source data collection tools and standards - Prometheus and OpenTelemetry - so you never experience vendor lock-in.

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Architected for performance

Collect, process, and send data for small to planet-scale workloads using deployment and configuration options that best fit your workload.

Chronosphere Collector

The Chronosphere Collector provides an open source-compatible and flexible way to ingest metrics and traces from your environment regardless of scale.

Each Chronosphere Collector is deployed per node, removing the need to operate large Prometheus instances. With Chronosphere’s open source data collection software, your data collection is simpler and massively scalable.

Scraping metric endpoints is the preferred method of ingesting metrics to the Collector, but you can also ingest the following metric formats: DogStatsD, StatsD, Carbon, Prometheus and OpenMetrics, Pushgateway, SignalFx, and Wavefront.



OpenTelemetry Collector

With support for the OpenTelemetry Collector, Chronosphere simplifies the ingestion of metrics and traces from various sources. This integration allows for a more flexible and straightforward data collection process, aiding in a quicker, more thorough analysis.

Customers can benefit from a unified format for both metrics and traces, which not only streamlines data collection but also reduces configuration overhead. The OpenTelemetry Collector support is a practical extension for those looking to consolidate their observability data in a more efficient and organized manner.


See It In Action

Book time with a cloud native expert to better understand how the Chronosphere observability platform can help your organization today.