Unwavering reliability with 99.9 Uptime

Chronosphere offers industry-leading 99.99% proven reliability, even at billions of data points.

Built for Uber Scale

To be successful with cloud native, you need an observability platform that can handle data at massive scale without losing data and without becoming extraordinarily expensive.

Chronosphere’s founders solved this problem at Uber, one of the largest cloud native deployments in the world.

That platform is now the foundation of Chronosphere, and why the largest cloud native companies trust us.

How It Works

With multi-region replication, single tenant architecture, and a proven data store that can scale to billions of data points, Chronosphere is always available even when your application is not.

And, Chronosphere only charges for persisted data, not ingest – so you only pay for the data you need.

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Key Benefits of Scalable Data

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99.9% uptime SLA, the highest guarantee in the industry.

99.99%+ historical uptime, automatically measured per customer.

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Proven to horizontally scale to hundreds of millions of data points per second, in a single customer deployment

Proven to scale to billions of active time series and 5M+ spans per second in a single customer deployment 

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Millisecond latency and the ability to detect and alert on an issue within less than 2 seconds of it occurring.

Query Optimizer automatically ensures that query resources are fairly shared by users.


How Chronosphere delivers industrial resiliency and a 99.9% uptime guarantee

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Single tenant deployment

Unlike most SaaS solutions, every Chronosphere customer gets a dedicated tenant deployed on dedicated storage. Benefits:

No noisy neighbors

Individual customer status pages to see what is happening in your tenant

Higher security guarantees and benefits

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Multi-region replication

Chronosphere has three live copies of data across availability zones and ensures strong consistency with quorum writes and reads. The stored data is also replicated across regions for maximum redundancy.

Want greater uptime?

How Snap increased observability reliability and improved developer experience

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Purpose-built for cloud native at scale

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Horizontally scale with ease

Chronosphere is built on technology that is proven to horizontally scale to 2 billion data points per second. No need to worry about delays or losing data.

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High-cardinality data?
Not a problem

Chronosphere can support billions of active time series.

Read the success story

It’s all about scale: Why DoorDash needed true cloud native monitoring

Doordash is a delivery service that uses a red scooter for quick and efficient deliveries.

Always fast performance

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Ultra-fast Dashboards and Alerts

Millisecond latency and the ability to detect and alert on an issue within less than 2 seconds of it occurring.

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Optimized query execution

In addition to our Query Accelerator, Query Scheduler automatically ensures that query resources are fairly shared by users. It breaks the work needed to execute a users expensive query, or a large volume of smaller queries, into chunks that run alongside other user/system queries to ensure they all execute.

Gain control with Chronosphere

Abnormal Security chooses Chronosphere to cut observability costs, boost platform reliability & performance