October 11 | Los Angeles, CA + Virtual

We are excited to be a Diamond sponsor for this year’s PromCon North America! In addition to Rob, CTO and Co-founder, giving a short keynote, we will also be leading a breakout session in the afternoon.

Sponsored Keynote: Aggregating, alerting and graphing on millions of Prometheus timeseries – Rob Skilington

The key to quickly resolving problems is knowing about them as soon as possible. To accomplish this, you need fast and reliable alerting. However, many companies find that as their environments grow, and their alerts and queries become increasingly more expensive, it can become challenging to maintain the speed of real-time queries alerts as the metrics become higher in cardinality. This is where aggregation can help!

In this keynote, Rob will discuss how M3 aggregation can be used to create derived metrics, similar to Prometheus recording rules, with any Prometheus remote storage that supports Prometheus Remote Write. This can help relieve the pressure on Prometheus or remote storage when querying and alerting on metrics at large scale.

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Streaming Recording Rules for Prometheus, Thanos, and Cortex Using the M3 Coordinator – Gibbs Cullen & Rob Skillington

As the Prometheus ecosystem has matured, the compatibility between projects has accelerated and it is possible to use features from one project with another. In this talk, Rob and Gibbs will show how to use various parts of the M3 ecosystem to perform in-memory streaming metrics aggregation, without using M3DB itself, thanks to developments in core Prometheus and M3. Using two deployment options, they will perform a demo using a concrete example of creating a highly efficient cAdvisor overview dashboard that shows fast aggregate views of CPU, memory, network and disk activity for pod groups from tens of thousands of active containers. They will also demo how to use streaming recording rules to store per-metric 10m or 1h downsampled metrics with a global metric suffix in Prometheus, Cortex, and other Prometheus remote storage solutions, like M3 and Thanos, that don’t yet have the ability to downsample metrics.

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