Tuesday, November 8th | 1:00 PM ET

Distributed Tracing Doesn’t Have to Suck

Distributed tracing tools were supposed to make our lives easier by helping us find where a problem is in our stacks. But in reality, they didn’t. Instead, distributed tracing is used infrequently and if it is used, the practice is used by only a few advanced users as part of first-step workflow troubleshooting.

In this webinar, we’ll spend time exploring how to:

  • Achieve the full potential of distributed tracing regardless of whether you’re a novice or advanced user
  • Get the most power and value from distributed tracing
  • Avoid mistakes and get distributed tracing right
  • Reduce complexities and increase efficiencies in problem identification workflows

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Our Speakers:

Ian Smith is Field CTO at Chronosphere where he works across sales, marketing, engineering and product to deliver better insights and outcomes to observability teams supporting high-scale cloud-native environments. Previously, he worked with observability teams across the software industry in pre-sales roles at New Relic, Wavefront, PagerDuty and Lightstep.

April Yep is a Sr. Product Marketer at Chronosphere with a specialty for making difficult concepts more understandable for everyday people. With nearly a decade of marketing experience focused on monitoring and observability technologies from companies like Splunk and New Relic, April is excited to see how much the industry has progressed and can’t wait to see where it will go next. In her free time she can be found having a cup of tea and watching the world go by.