Chronosphere at WTF is SRE 2022 – Replay

We hope you enjoyed WTF is SRE 2022! In case you missed the event or would like to re-watch our session:

Virtual Lightning Talk: Is MTTR still relevant in a modern, cloud native world?

Martin Mao, Chronosphere Co-founder and CEO

MTTR has long been an essential failure metric. However, in a cloud native world, P95 and P99 have become more meaningful measurements. And time to remediation -not repair- is most important. During the talk, Martin will share an alternative to MTTR and how it can become your new P99 of remediation.

Mean time to repair (MTTR) has long been an essential failure metric measuring the average time it takes to repair or restore a system to functionality. But why, in the age of microservices and containers, are we still using a metric with its origins in measuring equipment failures within factories? Mean, or average, is no longer a relevant metric for most organizations, with P95 and P99 becoming the more meaningful measurement. Repair, or sometimes restore, is also problematic. In most cases the most important time period to measure is the time to remediation, or the time to alleviate customer pain, restoring the service to acceptable levels of availability and performance. In this session, Martin will introduce an alternative to MTTR, and share real-life examples and lessons learned to explain how this new way of thinking can become your new P99 of remediation time.

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