Open Source

We believe in the power of open source and its ability to transform industries like monitoring. We are proud to play our part from contributing to open source tools like Prometheus, helping define industry standard protocols like OpenMetrics and providing scalable storage solutions like M3.

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Open Source Compatibility

We strive to continually provide the most compatible cloud monitoring product with open source industry standards and tooling.

We want our customers to leverage the rest of the cloud-native ecosystem, which promotes open integrations and standardization of data acquisition.

We want our end users to build transferrable skills that are not vendor or product specific.

M3 Contribution

We co-govern the M3 project with Uber and dedicate significant engineering resources to the open source M3 project and the users in the community. M3 is also the engine that powers our hosted monitoring product.

What is M3

M3 is an open source metrics engine that is used to power monitoring for many global brands. It can ingest, store and index metrics in both StatsD and Prometheus metric formats and has 100% compatibility with PromQL and Graphite.

M3 can serve as Prometheus long term storage and is a great foundational base for those who want to build and manage their own monitoring solution. It is often paired with Prometheus, Grafana and an alerting engine.

We are dedicated to continue making M3 the most powerful metrics engine available and to continue supporting the community behind it.

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