Chronosphere at Open Source Summit North America 2021 – Replay

Location: Virtual | Open Source Summit 2021

“Long-Term Metrics with M3 and Prometheus” by Matt Schallert, Chronosphere

Prometheus is the de facto solution when getting started with metrics, supporting use cases where a single node can store the entire dataset. When it comes to scaling out workloads or storing long-term data, Prometheus offers the Remote Write and Read interfaces to integrate with other storage solutions. In this talk, Matt will show attendees how they can scale their existing Prometheus metrics workloads with M3, an open source metrics platform originated at Uber. Matt will discuss the background of Prometheus’s remote storage interfaces, and how they enable users to integrate with any number of systems they’re familiar with. He will demonstrate how quickly users can get an M3 stack up and running and integrate it with Prometheus. The audience will walk away with a better understanding of the challenges of effectively scaling their metrics workloads, and how they can overcome these challenges with open source tools such as M3.

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