KubeCon North America 2021 – Replay

October 11-15 | Los Angeles, CA + Virtual

Hope you enjoyed this year’s KubeCon North America! Below is a recap of our various sessions:

Stream vs. Batch: Leveraging M3 and Thanos for Real-Time Aggregation

The debate over stream vs. batch processing has been ongoing for years. While batch processing is optimized for large volumes of data, stream processing allows for real-time analysis. With monitoring workflows aimed at minimizing time to detect incidents, having real-time insights is critical for maintaining reliable cloud-native applications. Monitoring business-critical applications can become difficult at scale. How do you continue processing large volumes of real time data while maintaining valuable insights? There are OSS metrics solutions designed to ingest high volumes of data, but they also need to efficiently aggregate metrics for viewing and analyzing these volumes in real time. This talk will explore how two popular OSS projects, M3 and Thanos, have approached the problem of real time aggregation. The audience will learn how stream and batch processing methodologies have been leveraged by the community to aggregate data in real time, and the tradeoffs of each approach.

Declarative and Imperative Kubernetes Operations with Temporal and M3 – Matt Schallert, Chronosphere & Dominik Tornow, Temporal

Operators allow users to orchestrate complex software, such as databases, running on Kubernetes. However, due to their declarative nature, expressing and coordinating imperative actions (such as “create a backup”) is awkward and cumbersome. In this talk, Matt and Dominik will explore how declarative solutions, such as Operators, along with imperative solutions, such as Temporal, an OSS Workflow Orchestration Platform, can be used to automate the operations of complex software systems on Kubernetes. They will demonstrate how Temporal workflows can leverage the same Go libraries users are familiar with. Finally, using the OSS M3DB Operator as an example, they will demonstrate how Operators and Workflows work in tandem and mitigate each others’ limitations. You will walk away with an accurate, actionable, and dependable understanding of Kubernetes Operators and Temporal Workflows and how to craft scalable and reliable operation automation for your Kubernetes applications and clusters.

EmpowerUs, sponsored by Chronosphere

Join this amazing panel of women who will share their experiences dealing with imposter syndrome in tech. Attendees who identify as women, non-binary individuals and allies are welcome and encouraged to attend! We are excited for what promises to be a very meaningful and relevant discussion. LEARN MORE>

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Chronosphere is also a Diamond Sponsor of PromCon North America 2021, dedicated to the Prometheus monitoring system. The conference will be presented as a hybrid event – attendees can join and participate in person or virtually. It will take place on Monday, October 11, 2021, as a colocated event at KubeCon North America.    Learn More>

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