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Delivering real-time observability for cloud native architectures powered by AWS 

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Observability with Chronosphere in AWS

Chronosphere and AWS CloudWatch metrics deliver the best possible observability outcomes at scale while keeping costs under control and increasing developer productivity.

Together we provide full visibility into your cloud native environment from infrastructure to applications. When problems arise, you can solve them faster and with fewer resources.

Why Observability Matters in a Cloud Native Environment

Modernizing your AWS environment to achieve results that accelerate your cloud-native journey can prove challenging as complexity across your company continuously grows.

This makes the need for observability at every phase of the journey all the more critical to provide insights and intelligence that drive greater adoption of AWS technologies in a faster, more secure way.

Leading companies trust Chronosphere as their observability provider to help them deliver reliable, performant, and highly available solutions on cloud native architectures powered by AWS

Leading Adopters of Cloud Native Partner with Chronosphere

"At DoorDash we connect 20 million consumers with their favorite local businesses in more than 25 countries worldwide. We were looking to mitigate operational costs associated with our cloud native infrastructure.

To ensure each consumer gets great service every time, we partnered with Chronosphere to modernize our telemetry while improving visibility, performance, and reliability of applications and containerized infrastructure running on AWS.

Since moving to Chronosphere, 90% of DoorDash engineers have adopted the platform and we've reduced our observability data volumes by 54% leading to a cost savings of more than $40M over 3 years."


-Ryan Sokol, VP of Engineering, DoorDash

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Chronosphere is the only observability platform that puts you in control by taming rampant data growth and cloud native complexity, delivering increased business confidence.

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