Calyptia Telemetry Pipeline

Simplified, End-to-end Observability Pipeline

Calyptia Telemetry Pipeline streamlines log collection, aggregation, transformation, and forwarding from any source to any destination. This allows companies who are dealing with complexity the flexibility to control their data and scale their growing business needs.

Chronosphere has acquired Calyptia, built by the creators of Fluent Bit and maintainers of Fluentd. Collect, transform, and route your log data from any source to any destination.

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Calyptia Telemetry Pipeline Key Benefits

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Empower Resilience and Performance

Chronosphere Telemetry Pipeline are engineered for durability and high performance, embedding best practices directly into the platform. This foundation not only minimizes downtime but also enhances troubleshooting capabilities, ensuring that your systems remain agile and resilient against disruptions.

Teams can rely on a reliable logging backbone that supports a high volume of log data processed in real-time.

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Accelerate Integration and Insight

Reduce the time it takes to integrate new data sources and destinations from days or months to minutes with Chronosphere. Built-in integrations empower teams to quickly build new data streams and extract valuable insights faster without the need for custom coding and lengthy adjustments.

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Maximize Flexibility and Control

Chronosphere offers deployment versatility with full API, CLI, and CI/CD integration, fitting seamlessly into your existing stack. This flexibility ensures that you fully control your data collection, processing, and routing, allowing for a tailored observability strategy that aligns with your business requirements.

It's a system designed for the unique demands of modern, data-driven enterprises, enabling you to refine your operations for peak efficiency.

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Streamline Costs and Operations

Take command of your logging operations to drive down costs. The platform’s efficient data processing tools allow users to filter out noise, ensuring that only meaningful data is passed on. This reduces the storage and processing expenses and streamlines operations, translating into lower operational costs and a leaner, more effective data management strategy.

How Calyptia Telemetry Pipeline Works

Low-Code / No-Code Telemetry Pipeline

Chronosphere streamlines data management with a drag-and-drop pipeline builder. This approach reduces complexity and enables rapid pipeline deployment.

Automated Operations and Simplified Scaling

Optimize your operations with Chronosphere's automated scaling. The platform's intelligent load balancing and deployment mechanisms handle increased data volumes smoothly, ensuring consistent performance.

20+ Built-In Processing Transformations

Chronosphere comes with a variety of built-in processing transformations to refine data collection. These turnkey rules offer extensive customization for aggregation, enrichment, redaction, filtering, and more, all within a user-friendly interface.

Automated Fleet Management at Scale

Chronosphere simplifies fleet operations by automating the installation, configuration and maintenance of agents across thousands of machines, ensuring uniformity and ease of management.

Enterprise Security and Stability

Chronosphere guarantees enterprise-level security and stability, supporting various operating systems (including RHEL, Mac, Windows) and providing consistent updates to maintain a secure environment for data operations.

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