Change Event Tracking

Centralize, Correlate, and Act on Your System Changes in Real-Time

Change Event Tracking empowers your developers to effectively navigate the complex landscape of system changes. Centralize events from various integrated sources and correlate them with system anomalies in real-time, allowing for quicker identification of incident cause.

Events Key Benefits

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Centralized Change Visibility

Consolidate all change events to easily detect patterns and correlate anomalies across your telemetry data, which can otherwise get lost in fragmented toolsets or drowned out by noisy data.

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Faster, Informed Decision Making

Keep important context as you sift through alerts and views, enabling you to make decisions that are not just fast but also well-informed. Real-time data allows for quick decisions, speeding up your time to take effective action.

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Improved Developer Experience

Personalized data handling allows developers to easily customize filters and settings to highlight the change events that are most crucial to their operational needs.

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Enhanced Developer Collaboration

Reduce time spent understanding complex issues by sharing views and findings across development teams within Chronosphere.

Change Event Tracking Features

Changes Explorer

Seamlessly integrate change data from diverse external platforms

The changes explorer ensures that you have comprehensive coverage of all relevant changes without manual tracking.

Unified Timeline View allows developers to witness their entire change history in a single, chronological view, eliminating the need for sifting through fragmented dashboards.

Telemetry Correlation

Quickly detect anomalies

By automatically contextualizing irregularities in time series data after a change, Chronosphere can help you quickly and effectively detect anomalies.

Connect the dots with a responder view that overlays and correlates change events with anomalies, making it easier to react swiftly.

Integration with Familiar Tools

Plug-and-Play out-of-the-box integrations

With event sources such as LaunchDarkly, Buildkite, AWS Event Bridge, GitHub, Google Personalized Service Health, and CircleCI.

Make use of REST APIs for robust data ingestion and event searching capabilities.

More Event Tracking Resources

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