An eye on observability for July 2022

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Well hello there! If you’re reading this monthly round up of Observability (and related) news, then you’re one of the few not on vacation and I thank you 🙇 . That last sentence was basically me making an excuse for not having too much to write about, but there’s just enough


Interesting tidbits, so let’s get started.

If you’re new to Cloud Native Monitoring, then Chronosphere’s co-founders recently co-wrote a book getting you up to speed with all the fundamentals to bring monitoring to your cloud native application. Get yourself a copy!

The Observability community has a tendency to refer to Prometheus and OpenTelemetry metrics interchangeably. And while there are a lot of overlaps, they are not completely the same—Timescale published a great overview on their blog for those wondering what those differences might be. Another great introduction comes from Whitney Lee and Erin Schnabel, who recently recorded a video on the topic of “what application developers should know about metrics.”

On the subject of Prometheus, how did it become the dominant player it is in the metrics space? Martin Chodur put the slides from a recent presentation covering this very topic in full illustrated glory!

Enough of Prometheus! Let’s talk more about OpenTelemetry

Digging deep into the spec, Nikolay Sokolik of Oxeye steps through how he created instrumentation support for Oxeye.

Next, Kristof Kowalski created support for OpenTelemetry in shell scripts, which, when you consider how much of applications consist of shell scripts, it’s amazing something like this didn’t exist before.

Finally, Chronosphere is also invested in the future of OpenTelemetry, and as part of our new video series, we covered why we see it as the metrics standard for the future.

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