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In a recent Q&A session with CrowdStrike’s Global Business Development GTM leader, Russ Eddleman talks about Chronosphere’s log solution and how we empower customers to know, triage, and understand faster and more efficiently.

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Sophie Kohler | Content Writer | Chronosphere

CrowdStrike’s Global Business Development GTM leader Russ Eddleman recently sat down with us to talk about how our partnership is helping customers with growing observability challenges — wrangling massive growth in log volumes and reducing troubleshooting time. Our partnership stems back to the beginning of the year, which we wrote about in our blog, Chronosphere adds Logs powered by CrowdStrike for all-in-one observability platform. Fast forward four months to read or listen to Russ talk about the impact the CrowdStrike + Chronosphere partnership is making.

You’ll find the transcript of the video, and find the full-length Q&A session at the bottom of this blog. 

The current state of logging

Russ: The reality is, traditional logging can’t keep pace with data growth. Log management platforms provide visibility you need across your environment to avoid outages and optimize application performance. But to realize these benefits, your log management platform must deliver real time alerting, high speed search, and sheer scale to ingest all your logs.

Unfortunately, as log volumes increase, many organizations and limited teams struggle to collect and quickly search across their ever growing data. Companies have to make trade-offs: which logs to collect, and how long to keep them. As a result, some logs are inevitably left out, and blind spots occur across the business.

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What this partnership means for our customers

Russ: We chose to partner with Chronosphere because customers need ways to cut through the noise of today’s increasingly data rich digital era – and effectively detect, analyze, and resolve issues in their business. By tying two leading platforms together, we can deliver metrics and tracing capabilities that customers need.

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Learn more about Chronosphere's logs

Check out the full video to learn more about how Chronosphere’s partnership with CrowdStrike is revolutionizing the way that engineers troubleshoot and remediate problems.

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