As organizations seek to leverage the improved scalability, speed, and flexibility of cloud native apps, they often face challenges with their monitoring stack to achieve optimal observability. Migrating to a new monitoring solution can be a daunting task, as it involves understanding the nuances of various components, configuring them correctly, and ensuring seamless integration with existing systems. This initial hurdle can slow down your team’s progress, delay the ability to gain valuable insights from your data and affect overall productivity.

To address these challenges and help users unlock the full potential of their monitoring stack, we’re excited to introduce Chronosphere Quick Start. Quick Start is a professional services offering that addresses the challenges new users face and empowers engineering teams to unlock Chronosphere’s full potential with ease and confidence.

Let’s dive into Quick Start’s key components, discuss its benefits for your team, and showcase how it accelerates your transition from legacy monitoring tools to Chronosphere.

Streamline your deployment, configuration, and training

Chronosphere Quick Start guides users through the entire process of deploying and configuring their monitoring stack and provides essential training and resources for a seamless experience. Quick Start’s key features and benefits are:

1. Step-by-step deployment and configuration

A. Data Ingestion: Our experts work closely with your team to understand your data sources, ingestion methods, and required integrations. We’ll help you configure data ingestion pipelines and make sure your monitoring data is accurately collected and securely transmitted to Chronosphere.

B. Data Control: We’ll guide you through data control mechanisms set up, such as metrics quotas, that manage data growth effectively and avoid unexpected costs. This step also includes the configuration of data retention policies that align with your organization’s needs and regulatory requirements.

C. Data Visualization: Our team will help you create intuitive and insightful dashboards that leverage Chronosphere’s powerful visualization capabilities. We’ll ensure that your team can efficiently monitor and analyze your data, which enables faster issue detection and resolution.

D. Operational Setup: We’ll assist you in configuring alerts, notifications, and integrations to your existing incident management tools, which ensures your team is promptly informed of any critical issues.

2. Customized training and enablement

To complement the technical migration process, Quick Start provides extensive training resources based on your team’s level of expertise and familiarity with Prometheus, PromQL, Grafana, and Chronosphere. These resources provide the necessary skills and knowledge to leverage the platform effectively. Our training program includes:

A. Chronosphere University: Our self-paced online learning platform provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers  Chronosphere’s fundamentals, advanced features, and best practices. With interactive content, quizzes, and practical exercises, Chronosphere University ensures your team gains the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

B. Live training sessions: We offer live, instructor-led training sessions tailored to your team’s specific needs, which allow you to dive deeper into specific topics and get personalized guidance from our experts.

C. Documentation and guides: Access a wealth of documentation, guides, and tutorials designed to help you get the most out of Chronosphere — from initial setup to advanced use cases.

D. Dedicated support: Our customer success team is available to provide ongoing support and guidance throughout your Quick Start journey, so your team has the necessary assistance to overcome any challenges along the way.

With the combination of a streamlined technical migration process, comprehensive training, and enablement resources, Chronosphere Quick Start ensures your team is well-equipped to harness the full power of our cloud native monitoring solution and drive meaningful results for your organization.

How Quick Start benefits your team

We’ve designed the Chronosphere Quick Start program to provide numerous advantages for your team as you adopt our observability platform. Quick Start can help your organization thrive with benefits such as:

  • Faster time-to-value and reduced learning curve: Quick Start accelerates the onboarding and migration process, allows your team to quickly gain proficiency with Chronosphere and immediately leverage its capabilities to drive organizational value
  • Simplified configuration and setup: Our guided migration process ensures your monitoring stack is set up correctly from the start. This eliminates potential issues that may arise from misconfigurations and reduces the need for troubleshooting down the line.
  • Improved adoption and proficiency through targeted training: With access to Chronosphere University, live training sessions, and our extensive documentation, your team can develop the knowledge and skills necessary to fully leverage Chronosphere’s features and capabilities.
  • Streamlined onboarding for new users: Quick Start’s step-by-step approach simplifies the onboarding process for new users, which makes it easier for your team to grow and onboard additional members with minimal operational disruption.
  • Enhanced ability to focus on strategic priorities: Quick Start provides a clear, structured migration plan and ongoing support, that allows your team to spend less time wrestling with setup challenges and more time to focus on strategic priorities that drive real value for your organization.
  • Enriched user experience through accessible training resources: Quick Start’s training resources are designed to be accessible and engaging, to ensure your team has a positive learning experience and is well-equipped to handle any potential challenges.

Chronosphere Quick Start is more than just an onboarding program; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers your team to quickly and effectively adopt Chronosphere, so your team can reap the full benefits of our cloud native observability platform and improve your organization’s overall system reliability.

The methodology we use is proven and thorough

Chronosphere excelled in partnering with us on the entire migration process. Their instructor-led continuous enablement was world-class and made our job of supporting internal devs easier.

— Sebastian Yates, Head of Infrastructure and Platforms, DoorDash

Your path to a successful Chronosphere migration 

The Chronosphere Quick Start program follows a structured timeline that is designed to align with your organization’s needs and drive value realization within weeks. The process is divided into four distinct phases with associated milestones to provide a smooth migration and onboarding experience.

  1. Onboarding Prep: This phase begins when the pilot ends, and allows Chronosphere to apply the lessons learned during the pilot to prepare for onboarding. During this time, we will collaborate with your team to develop a tailored migration plan, set clear timelines, and align contractual work, so we know that we are ready to move forward efficiently and effectively. This stage is complete when you and your team feel any necessary planning is accomplished.
  1. Onboarding: During onboarding, we work alongside your team to execute the technical migration, provide hands-on support, and address any challenges. We simultaneously kick off the training and enablement process, to guarantee that engineers and developers are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to succeed with Chronosphere.
  1. Adoption: In the adoption phase, we continue to provide ongoing support and enablement as your team increases their familiarity with Chronosphere. We will work with you to refine and optimize your implementation, which helps you drive value and achieve your objectives. This phase is successful once you integrate the Chronosphere platform into your daily workflows.
  1. Steady State: Upon reaching the steady state, this stage is when your organization has successfully migrated to the Chronosphere platform and fully adopted its features and capabilities. At this stage, we continue to offer ongoing support, training, and enablement through Chronosphere University to ensure that your team remains up-to-date and well-informed as the platform evolves.

With a set timeline and detailed milestones, the Chronosphere Quick Start program ensures that your organization can experience the full potential of our observability platform within weeks, driving value and ROI more rapidly than ever before.

See how Chronosphere can help with your organization’s unique observability needs and challenges.