KubeCon EU 2024 Recap: Navigating cloud native chaos with confidence

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Couldn’t make it to Paris last week for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU? Here’s a look at the highlights and happenings from the show.

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Jess Lulka Technical Content Writer | Chronosphere

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Here at Chronosphere, we’re all about helping developers turn cloud native chaos into clarity with observability – and KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2024 was no exception. Despite the sea of attendees, lots of talks, and a packed show floor, we still spent lots of time working with developers on how our observability platform and pipeline work together to easily distill data. 

If you weren’t able to make it to Paris, here’s a roundup of highlights from the show and co-sponsored events.

Capturing industry insights

The show’s thousands of attendees kept themselves busy with demos, conversations, and picking up swag. With a slew of featured keynote presenters and a massive range of shorter talks, the week helped engineers, developers, and executives learn about the latest cloud native innovations, projects, and open source initiatives.

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The conversations at our booth centered around observability, our platform features, open source standards, and how our Control Plane provides users a way to effectively control their data and how Chronosphere Lens increases developer efficiency. 

We also spent plenty of time discussing how Calyptia is now a part of Chronosphere and showing how an observability pipeline can help accelerate or support existing data projects from consolidation to migration.   

When it came to the more technical details, attendees asked: 

  1. How can Chronosphere prevent cardinality spike issues?
  2. There are proprietary monitoring agents auto instrumenting and causing issues in production – how can we prevent that from happening?
  3. What is Chronosphere’s open source compatibility and how do we fit into a company’s ecosystem? 
  4. Are there “leaf errors” to help identify where a problem originates and get faster MTTx?
  5. How do telemetry pipelines work? What are the use cases? 
  6. What’s in Fluent v3? 

Are you interested in learning more about Fluent Bit and the v3 Release? Check out the Fluent Bit Spring Webinar Series. Come and learn from the primary maintainers the latest on how to build resilient telemetry pipelines with Fluent Bit v3!

Plenty of presentations

We always love to share our knowledge of how developers can control the cloud native chaos. Across Cloud Native Rejekts, KubeCon EU, OpenShift Community Day, and Observability Day we shared insights into Fluent Bit, cloud native health, OpenTelemetry, and observability. 

Technical Staff Member Pat Stevens kicked off the week with his talk, “Fluent Bit, the engine to power ChatOps” and showcased just how Fluent Bit can help teams use ChatOps to quickly (and preemptively) identify critical events and incidents.

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Eric D. Schabell, our Director of Technical Marketing and Evangelism, led a “choose your own adventure” style workshop, where attendees could choose to learn about Prometheus, Fluent Bit, and OpenTelemetry at the RedHat OpenShift Commons Day. Eric also presented alongside our Google Partner in a lightning talk about Checking the pulse of your cloud native architecture.

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Observability Day and Fluent v3

At Observability Day, Eduardo Silva not only played host – but also spent time connecting with the Fluent community and showcasing Fluent Bit v3. We really enjoyed seeing a large outpouring of engaged community members and answering questions around Fluent Bit and Fluentd, as well as pipeline migration and configuration. 

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Attendees swarmed the Fluent D kiosk and the Calyptia booth to grab the coveted Fluent v3 t-shirts and see a demo in action. Attendees  were excited about the release of Fluent Bit v3. This version focused on adding new standard support, an SQL-based parser, metrics filtering (for both Mac and Windows), HTTP/2 support, a content modifier, OpenTelemetry output support and some performance optimization. For more information on this update, you can watch the full talk here

Connecting with observability leadership

A big highlight was sitting down to dinner with CTOs at L’Atelier Du Parc and chatting about observability budgets, entrepreneurship, and the evolution of AI. With a dozen executives in attendance, there was plenty of engaging conversation over the course of the evening to accompany a fantastic meal. 

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A lot of interesting conversation happens when the room is filled with customers, Martin (Chronosphere co-founder and CEO), and Kim Moore (Managing Partner and Founder, U&I Venture Capital).

All in all, we had an absolutely packed week at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU showcasing our offerings to the market and educating developers about cloud native observability. Next stop for KubeCon is Salt Lake City, Utah, and we can’t wait to see everyone there!  

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