Meetup: Cloud Native PDX Meetup

Date: Wed, October 4, 2023

Time: 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Location: 10200 SW Eastridge, Suite 100 · Portland, OR

Cloud Native PDX is a meetup covering all aspects of Cloud Native infrastructure, defined as software that is container packaged, dynamically managed, and micro-service oriented. If you’re interested in Kubernetes, Linux Containers, Platform-as-a-Service, Project Atomic, Docker, OpenShift, etc., Harness, Google Container Engine, Katacontainers, Istio, or any of the many technologies in the new container stack, you should join us!  A meetup of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

As a meetup of the CNCF, all meetings are subject to the CNCF Code of Conduct

Info on the session (title + abstract)

From Cardinal(ity) Sins to Cost Efficient Metrics Aggregation

Are you collecting just about every metric under the sun and the kitchen sink too? Understanding the cost of collecting metrics and the usefulness of those metrics is the only way to scale in a cloud native world. You can’t get away with just collecting everything as you grow. Your observability teams need to make decisions about what to collect, what to drop, what to aggregate, and still be able to alert, triage, remediate, and do their root cause analysis on a daily basis. Gain immediate insights into high cost data (DPPS), when to drop time series data, and how to determine when the value of that data is at its lowest.

Join us for the Cloud Native PDX Meetup, where we bring together professionals and enthusiasts to discuss the latest trends and technologies in cloud-native development.