Chronosphere at Monitorama 2022

Date: Mon, June 27, 2022

End Date: Wed, June 29, 2022

Location: Gerding Theater at the Armory Portland, OR | In-person

As companies build on cloud-native services, you need an observability solution that is even more reliable than the product or service being monitored.

Chronosphere is excited to be a Silver sponsor at this year’s Monitorama PDX 2022 that will be held in Portland, OR. Find out how Chronosphere’s observability platform puts you back in control by taming rampant data growth and cloud-native complexity, delivering increased confidence from your customers.

Attending Monitorama?

Come check out our speaking session and grab some swag. You can receive your very own Chrono-tee and enter for a chance to win a PlayStation 5! Register for Monitorama today.

Want to talk to a Chronosphere technical team member, learn about Chronosphere, perhaps get a demo? Book a meeting with us!

We’re chatting, demoing, and offering a place to recharge and relax at our hospitality suite for drinks and snacks. It’s a quick 4-minute walk down the road at the Mark Spencer Hotel.

Speaking session: Increasing cloud-native sustainability with Observability

Tuesday, June 28 | 9:25 AM PT

Need some functionality in your code? Add some dependencies to help! Don’t want to write a lot of boilerplate? Use a framework! While you’re at it, add a database, a caching layer, a load balancer, a service mesh, an observability solution, and half a dozen other 3rd party services.

Easy! And don’t worry, if your infrastructure can’t cope, just spin up a few more cloud-hosted instances and all will be well!

Except… All these components into the modern application stack come with overheads. The include financial costs as well as the time and mental overhead of integrating and maintaining all of them.

But there’s another cost that’s all to easy to forget about. The environmental impact of everything that comprises your applications. In this presentation I look into the potential sustainability impact of decisions you make with application architectures, how to monitor them, and ideas for mitigating them.

Join us at the Multnomah Whiskey Library!

Tuesday, June 28 | 6:30 – 8:30 PM PT

We’re hosting a happy hour at Portland’s Multnomah Whiskey Library on Tuesday night. We’re flying in Alex Baptista, famous for his $300,000 whiskey collection and his involvement with Someones Say Whiskey club, to help us enjoy spirits in the Green Room.

Attendees will receive their very own whiskey set. Register here to join us.

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