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Get the facts about cloud native observability


How do you define observability? Let’s clear up the confusion.

Because there are so many definitions of observability, it’s blurring the truth behind the term. Certain vendors (such as traditional monitoring software vendors) are contributing to the murkiness, labeling what they offer as “observability,” when it doesn’t actually provide true observability functions.

Don’t let this mess your teams up. Learn what observability looks like, and how it can help organizations scale successfully while their systems perform as needed.

“Let’s clear up this definition once and for all so that you invest in the right observability platform—the one you need—and that your tools don’t fall short when it comes to doing the job.”

This eBook clarifies what observability actually is, covering everything from:

  • Monitoring to observability in three generations
  • The advantages and complexities of managing cloud native apps
  • Reasons why APM vendor’s can’t up (and decide to confuse the market instead)

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