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We’re ready for you, Google Cloud Next 2023! 

Location: Moscone West Center, San Francisco

We're excited for Google Cloud Next 2023!


Hey, San Francisco! Are you ready for next week? The Chronosphere team is excited to see new and familiar faces at the Moscone West Center for 2023’s Google Cloud Next event, and to talk about ways to level up your observability journey.

A three day gathering of cloud computing industry experts and enthusiasts alike, this year’s Google Cloud Next will hold keynotes, interactive discussions and workshops – all to explore cloud native predictions, share insights and forge new connections. With an expected ~15,000 attendees, and over 200 sponsors at this year’s event, Google Next kicks off Tuesday, August 29th with its first keynote and sessions. Read on to find out what’s on the program for the week, what Chronosphere is bringing to the table (or should I say, booth) and a list of hot San Fran’ recommendations from our locals Chronauts.

How Chronosphere partners with Google to help cloud native companies

Chronosphere’ SaaS (Software as a Service) platform is built on the Google Kubernetes Engine. Our partnership with Google is near and dear to our engineers’ hearts – as this is a collaboration of cloud native pioneers. Far before our Google Ventures investor, which led to our series C extension and an addition two new investors that came on board, Chronosphere and Google have built a powerhouse partnership for cloud native companies.

Google Kubernetes Engine

With Google Cloud as Chronosphere’s platform of choice, we provide engineering teams with visibility into their modern infrastructure and applications – which equips them with the superpower of control over data and costs. With the help of the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Chronosphere is able to achieve our service-level agreements and service-level objectives (SLAs and SLOs). Because we utilize Google Cloud’s high availability in zonal isolation, customers can load Chronosphere, and see the data that’s coming from their environments almost instantaneously.

Because Chronosphere’s technology is an open platform built on GKE, teams can get onboarded easily while avoiding vendor lock-in – starting the process of control over how much data is ingested, stored, and for how long.

Google Cloud Marketplace

In September 2022, Chronosphere launched our SaaS solution on the Google Cloud Marketplace (GCP).

By utilizing the GCP Marketplace, Chronosphere’s customers can simplify their procurement process with various tools, such as online discovery, flexible purchasing, and enterprise-grade cloud solutions fulfillment. All of this lends to a streamlined procurement process that lets customers select, view, and purchase solutions like Chronosphere in a few clicks, while drawing down from their Google Commit (if applicable).

How Snap increased reliability, and reduced on-call pages by 90% with Chronosphere and Google Cloud

Technology company Snap Inc. serves over 750 million daily users worldwide. In order to compete in a crowded market, the team at Snap knew they had to deliver best-in-class availability and performance to customers worldwide. However, the company’s previous observability setup wasn’t cutting it.

A technical lead at Snap says he discovered Chronosphere’s technology long before Chronosphere’s founding, when it was still a GitHub page for M3DB  – an open source metrics engine to power monitoring. (Fun fact: Before co-founding Chronosphere, Martin Mao (CEO) and Rob Skillington (CTO) led observability teams at Uber where they helped create M3). After partnering with Chronosphere as their purpose-built observability solution, Snap adopted GKE as part of its infrastructure upgrade. Due to Chronosphere’s ability to support large scale environments, Snap was able to scale their observability solution 5x.

With the combination of Google Cloud and Chronosphere, Snap’s developers can rest easy knowing that their dashboards are quick to load, and that they can view high-cardinality metrics instead of system crashes.

What to expect from this year’s event

So, what will Chronosphere be up to this year at Google Next? From a session on industry insights, to the chance to meet and chat with the Chronosphere team (and let’s not forget about some classic cocktails at happy hour!), prepare to be dazzled.

Check out where you’ll find us next week, below!

Three Trends in Observability: Insights from Industry Leaders

Wednesday, August 30th | 1pm – 1:45pm

Ian Smith, Field CTO 

Join Chronosphere’s Field CTO, Ian Smith alongside industry leaders from Datadog, Grafana and the Google team, to learn about the key components of observability for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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Schedule a meeting with our team

Schedule a meeting onsite to sit down with Chronosphere’s observability experts to discuss how Chronosphere can help with various cloud native observability challenges – such as cost and reliability – and how to level up your O11Y game.

Happy Hour – hosted by Chronosphere, Zencore & AMD

Tuesday, August 29th | 7pm- 9PM

Novela – 662 Mission Street 

Hosted by Chronosphere, Zencore and AMD, wrap up your very first day of Google Cloud Next with some classic drinks inspired by famous literary heroes! Just a short walk from the venue, attendees can enjoy some bites and cocktails, while reflecting on first-day insights and what lies ahead.

Demos, demos, demos!

Want to become an O11Y Legend? Stop by our booth #1541 to talk to our 011Y experts about how to level up your observability. You can book a demo prior to the show to secure your spot, and learn more about our future-proof observability solution.

Everyone that attends a demo will receive our sought after O11Y Legend t-shirts! If you pop by our booth, grab a coveted pair of comfy socks and fun stickers.

Chrono-recs for the week

Alright, onto the recommendations to kill some free time in San Francisco! Like for every upcoming event, we like to share some favorite spots from local Chronauts on the best bites, drinks, and sites.

Some recommendations are walking distance from the Moscone Center, while others are just an Uber away.

Keep up with Chronosphere at the event

You can find all of the opportunities to connect with us at the event, and explore more on Chronosphere and Google here! And, stay tuned for our post-show blog, where you can read up on a recap of what went down at this year’s conference. See you soon!

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