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Observability For What’s Next: a conversation series capturing real talk from folks building, deploying, and maintaining observability systems at scale.


Paige Cruz
Paige Cruz

Senior Developer Advocate

Paige Cruz is a Senior Developer Advocate at Chronosphere passionate about cultivating sustainable on-call practices and bringing folks their aha moment with observability. She started as a software engineer at New Relic before switching to Site Reliability Engineering holding the pager for InVision, Lightstep, and Weedmaps. Off-the-clock you can find her spinning yarn, swooning over alpacas, or watching trash TV on Bravo.

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Dan Selans

Tune in to the inaugural video of the year featuring Dan Selans the co-founder of Streamdal and Paige Cruz retired SRE and Senior Developer Advocate at Chronosphere. They dig into events (the oft-forgotten telemetry type), reminisce about the simpler days of infra, make the case for adding observability to your toolkit as an engineer and make bold predictions.