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A man in a black sweater smiling for the camera while being observed and captured in logs.
Alok Bhide

Head of Product Innovation

Alok Bhide is the Head of Product Innovation at Chronosphere and is responsible for bringing new products into market. He currently leads the Logging solution at Chronosphere.

Chronosphere recently announced our newest logging solution, powered by CrowdStrike. Hear from Chronosphere’s Head of Innovation, Alok Bhide, on what this means for our customers, and how it will further support observability and the developer experience.


Chronosphere’s observability philosophy

Alok Bhide: I’m Alok Bhide. I’m the Head of Product Innovation at Chronosphere, responsible for logging use cases. Chronosphere is an observability platform and it is the only observability platform that controls the speed, scale, and complexity of data that come with the technology and organizational changes associated with a cloud native and DevOps world.

There’s a common belief in the industry that in order to achieve observability, you need three things: metrics, traces, and logs. And while that is true, and if you include events (that would be a fourth), they by themselves don’t necessarily ensure better outcomes.

The three phases: Know, triage, and understand 

Alok Bhide: Here at Chronosphere, we believe in focusing on the outcomes. And we see those in three different phases: know, triage, and understand. Logs continue to be an extremely important component of the understand phase. They contain messages and details about your application and infrastructure over a period of time. They enable users to string a story together with specifics about what happened in the system, like an error or a disk full message. And, they accelerate users getting to the root cause and ultimately solving incidents or persistent problems.

Support all of your signals with Chronosphere

Alok Bhide: We now have full support for logs in Chronosphere, and by doing so, Chronosphere supports all the signals – metrics, traces, events, and now logs – all with single user experience for observability teams. This deep partnership with CrowdStrike is what enables the SaaS solution. Developers can now navigate their logs along with all their other signals within a single user experience without any context switching. 

Navigating complexity with Chronosphere Lens 

Alok Bhide: Furthermore, with Chronosphere Lens, we’re able to stitch all these signals together intuitively to enable users to navigate the complexity of their environment and their systems with their own mental model. We are thrilled to be partnering with CrowdStrike to bring this logging capability to the observability market.

What makes our logging solution special

Alok Bhide: Chronosphere’s logs, powered by CrowdStrike, is highly scalable, performant, and all at a very affordable price. Blazing fast searches mean that developers can be much more efficient with their time. There’s no waiting around for searches to return. And usually, this great performance can mean high resource utilization, which in turn means high prices for customers. Logs powered by CrowdStrike’s cloud native architecture means that all of this is possible at a very, very affordable price without blowing through your budget.

Learn more about Chronosphere’s logs powered by CrowdStrike

Learn more about how Chronosphere logging solution powered by CrowdStrike changes the game for troubleshooting and remediation in the video.