Chronosphere embraces equity for Women’s History Month

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Get a look at what events Chronosphere is hosting for Women’s History Month, and what equity means to its employees during March.

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Happy Women’s History Month!

March offers a moment to reflect on past and present issues that women and allies face in the fight for gender equality. It’s also important to recognize all of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women all over the world. We couldn’t be more excited to reflect and celebrate!

Last year, Chronosphere tackled the International Women’s Day theme, #BreakingtheBias (take a look at how we contributed to the conversation here to see co-founder and CEO of Chronosphere Martin Mao, alongside his family, posing for #BreaktheBias).

This year’s International Women’s Day theme

While last year’s theme was “Break the Bias,” this year’s theme is all about embracing equity. But firstly, let’s talk about what equity means.

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Check out the Chronosphere team embracing equity at this year’s Sales Kickoff in Las Vegas!

While equality and equity sound similar, as defined by the organizers of this year’s International Women’s Day: “Equality is the goal, and equity is the means to get there.”

Equality means offering everyone the same experiences and opportunities, and equity is supporting the unique circumstances of each individual, so that joining and enjoying that experience is possible. Together, this creates equal outcomes.

What does embracing equity mean to Chronospherians?

In honor of embracing equity, we decided to get the scoop on what equity means from our teammates at Chronosphere.

Stay tuned as we continuously update this portion of this blog every week of March with a new video-style spotlight, and hear from a few Chronospherians on what “embracing equity” means to them – from Chronosphere’s People Strategy, Talent Ops, and Culture, Gabriela Serret Campos, to our CEO and co-founder, Martin Mao, and others!

Shining a spotlight on embracing equity

People Strategy, Talent Ops, Culture – Gabriela Serret-Campos

Gabriela Serret-Campos is Chronosphere’s Global Head of People and Talent. She enjoys shaping environments where people can bring their best selves to work and feel empowered. As a single mom of two, she is passionate about connecting people to purpose, to create measurable impact.

To Gabriela, embracing equity means: “acknowledging that there isn’t always a level playing field, owning our unique responsibilities and recognizing our own privilege.”

Listen to the full chat with Gabriela to learn more about embracing equity!

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CEO and co-founder – Martin Mao

Martin Mao is Chronosphere’s co-founder and CEO. Prior to co-founding Chronosphere, Martin worked on an observability solution at Uber.

When asked what embracing equity means to him, Martin responded: “The way the world is, perhaps isn’t equitable. And, there are particular things out there, like pay disparity between men and women, that exist. So, we’re looking at ways in which we can help in those situations.”

Watch the interview to hear his full response!

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Regional VP of Sales – Lori Lipscomb

Lori Lipscomb is Chronosphere’s Regional Vice President of Sales. She is also a mom, wife, caregiver, dog walker, therapist, wine enthusiast, foodie, athlete, and explorer.

For Lori, embracing equity means: “having empathy, being accountable and taking action. It’s about acknowledging that we all come from different backgrounds, experiences and opportunities. It’s important for me to consistently look for uniquenesses and differences to broaden my perspective.”

Watch Lori’s full spotlight to learn more on what embracing equity looks like to her!

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Head of Engineering – Matt Mihic

Matt Mihic is Chronosphere’s Global Head of Engineering.

To Matt, embracing equity: “means making sure that you’re looking out for hiring, bringing on women, particularly in leadership roles, and that you are supporting, developing and building the next generation of leaders.”

Take a peek at the full spotlight video to hear more!

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Head of Product and Developer Marketing – Rachel Dines

Rachel Dines is Chronosphere’s Head of Product and Developer Marketing.

When asked what embracing equity means to her, Rachel said: “To me, embracing equity means giving everyone the tools that they need to get to the level they need and want to get to. And, that doesn’t mean giving everyone the same set of tools – because we all come from different backgrounds, different experiences, different educations, and different opportunities.”

Watch the full spotlight with Rachel to hear everything she has to say on embracing equity!

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Looking at next year’s celebrations and beyond 

As we wrap up this year’s Women’s History Month at Chronosphere, we look forward to finding ways that we can continue contributing to the conversation (and for what next year’s theme may bring.)

In the meantime, keep up with the latest at Chronosphere, and our weekly blog posts!

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