by Sophie Kohler

Happy AWS re:Invent 2023! The Chronosphere team has officially made it to the show floor to kick off the first event day in the endlessly exciting city of Las Vegas! (Come say hi at Booth #111).

It’s been a busy year for Chronosphere, to say the least! Whether we’re growing our number of joint AWS customers or adding new capabilities to empower developer productivity and help cloud native companies control costs, we constantly have news to share.  

Now, we’re keeping the news rolling by announcing our acceptance into the AWS ISV Accelerate Program, alongside our new integration with Amazon EventBridge. This is all happening at AWS re:Invent 2023 – where upwards of 65,000 people are gathering.

Read on to find out what’s happening at the show, what the Chronosphere team has planned for a week full of insights and fun, and check out our top recommendations for enjoying your week in Las Vegas. 

ISV Accelerate Program demonstrates next level of partnership 

Joining the AWS ISV Accelerate Program demonstrates to customers the deep level of partnership between Chronosphere and AWS. Given the rigorous process and evaluation criteria to be accepted to the program, it puts Chronosphere in the company of many other industry-leading SaaS providers who have deep ties to AWS.

Another benefit to customers is that they can take advantage of an easy, transparent procurement process when purchasing Chronosphere’s solution through the AWS Marketplace.

Chronosphere + AWS integrations assure simplicity for AWS customers

We are also releasing a new integration with Amazon EventBridge (formerly CloudWatch Events). With this new integration, customers can easily see what relevant events from AWS (i.e., a config change, an autoscaling event, etc.) may have caused a change — and ultimately an alert firing — in Chronosphere. This new integration includes links directly from Chronosphere to a relevant event in AWS. The result is the ability to solve problems much more quickly by rapidly identifying what change caused an issue. 

How Chronosphere is helping AWS customers

In addition to these new AWS partnership milestones, Chronosphere is already providing many joint customers with a proven solution to help them deliver reliable, performant, and highly available solutions on cloud native architectures.

Explore Chronosphere on AWS Marketplace

Chronosphere can help AWS customers solve their reliability concerns and successfully know, triage, and understand the behavior of containers and microservices. Alongside joining the ISV Accelerate program, Chronosphere’s solution is available on the AWS marketplace

Hey there, AWS re:Invent! 

Now, let’s talk about this week at re:Invent! Returning to the bustling city of Las Vegas this year’s event is sure to be a busy one – and a blast. With more than 51,000 attendees at last year’s event, we can only imagine what will be on the books this week. 

This year’s AWS re:Invent includes keynotes by top AWS leaders, innovation talks with cloud computing experts, and over 2,000+ learning sessions. Read on to find out what to expect for the week, what Chronosphere will be up to at our booth (and in the city!) and a list of Las Vegas recs from local Chronauts. 

What to expect from this year’s event

What can attendees expect on and off the show floor? Besides the plenty of fun that AWS has lined up, get a taste of what Chronosphere has planned below. 

See It. Find It. Fix It. Faster. Find us at Booth #111!

At our booth, learn how you can help your team reduce costs and increase overall productivity with the power of cloud native observability. 

Swag galore

Stop by our booth #111 and check out our variety of swag – from a chance to win a one of a kind, fully programmable replica CyberPunk helmet, to our notorious socks and stickers!

If you’re busy running around the show and you’re short on time, you can pre-book your demo in the booth now! After the demo, you’ll receive a Tile Pro tracker while supplies last. Chronosphere always helps you find what is valuable quickly! 

Passport program

Are you playing the AWS Re:Invent Passport game in the mobile app? Chronosphere is all about co‌st savings and we want you to win BIG. Stop by our booth to learn more and get your digital passport stamp.

Chrono-Recs for the week 

If you have any free time to spare, check out these Chrono-Recs from some locals on what to eat, drink, and experience while you’re in Las Vegas!


Interested in what Chronosphere is doing at AWS re:Invent? Learn more here.