How Chronauts showed their Pride this year

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Last year, we founded Chrono-Pride. From trivia to showing pride online, read up on how Chronauts partook in this year’s Pride celebrations!


Happy Pride Month! 🌈✨

June offers an opportunity to unite towards the acknowledgement, visibility, and education of past and present issues that the LGBTQIA+ community and allies face. As we continue to fight for equality and acceptance, this month we celebrate the incredible achievements of the LGBTQIA+ movement! 

Last year, we founded Chrono-Pride, which received top down support from leadership to be an ERG (Employee Resource Group). Chrono-Pride offers a space where employees can build community and integrate LGBTQIA+ allyship into Chronosphere’s culture.

How we celebrated Pride this year

This year, in the interest of education and awareness, we invited employees to test their Pride knowledge of trail blazers, songs, and flags (to name a few topics) tied to the Pride movement. Chronauts had a blast showcasing their knowledge (and learning new facts!) on Pride history and culture. 

A group of 13 chronauts in a virtual meeting. Backgrounds are a mix of rainbow-themed and regular settings. Participants display pronouns next to their names. The screen shows a "Pride Month" banner.

Pride Celebration Photo Competition

This year, we wanted to encourage employees to share photographs of how they celebrate and honor Pride Month via the Pride events they chose to attend throughout the month.

[Insert photos from the competition here]

As a remote-first company, finding time to connect with our teammates has always been a priority. Chronauts across the country sent in pictures for a contest that would be ‘graded’ against a set of criteria provided. Winners received a gift card, paired with Chronosphere making an equivalent donation in the winners name to the LGBTQIA+ charity/organization of their choice.

Showing Pride online!

We also provided our entire team with various custom-designed virtual backgrounds for Zoom and LinkedIn banner photos, as well as an email signature for folks to use throughout the month (and beyond!) Additionally, we provided Chronosphere-branded Pride swag – which included a Chronosphere Pride Month-themed umbrella and various stickers – for team members to opt into as a way to continue showing their pride and support outside of the workplace.

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What does Pride mean to Chronauts?

In honor of acknowledgment and celebration, we decided to get the scoop on what Pride month means to our teammates at Chronosphere.

“For me, Pride is an opportunity to celebrate my son and everybody in the LGBTQ community and reaffirm my support in the ongoing struggle for their equal rights and treatment. I have an opportunity to meet, listen to, and get to know people in the LGBTQ community that I otherwise may never have met. Most importantly, I get to see my son happy and at ease with people who understand him and his lived experience in ways that I never can.” 

Adam Schepis has been a Member of Technical Staff at Chronosphere since 2022.

“To me, Pride means being unapologetically and authentically your truest self, and Pride Month is a moment in time where we can truly honor and celebrate those who fought long and hard, and those who continue to still do so, for equality for the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as to continue educating the masses, raising awareness, and increasing visibility.”

Michael Russo has been an Executive Business Partner since 2022. 

“What Pride means to me is fighting to create a world where all can thrive as themselves without oppression while marking how far we’ve come, due to the bravery and sacrifices of those who came before.

I love how every Pride I have the chance to come together with loved ones and enjoy events while always learning something new about LGBTQIA+ history and key movement figures. Pride is also an important time to reflect on the fact that the fight is far from over, with many still living in fear.”

Emma Anderson Beavers has been a Talent Acquisition Operations Manager since 2022.

Looking at next year’s celebrations and beyond

As this year’s Pride Month comes to an end, we look forward to finding more ways that we can continue contributing to the conversation, raising awareness, and celebrating other days/months tied to the community.

Stay up to date with the latest from  Chronosphere, and check out more in our weekly blog posts!

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