A new YouTube series covering all things observability

At Chronosphere, we are constantly thinking about what’s next in observability. We started our blog back in May 2021 to share our thoughts and ideas, and have since delivered +100 blogs on everything from company culture to controlling metrics growth. Due to the success of the blog, we wanted to provide a new outlet for cloud native enthusiasts (like ourselves) to engage with us and the community on the latest developments, solutions, and philosophies in the observability space. 

As a result, we created a new YouTube series called “Observability for What’s Next”. The series is hosted by our very own Chris Ward, a technical writer at Chronosphere (he also enjoys hosting his own podcast “Chinchilla Squeaks” in his free time). We will be regularly adding new content to the series, featuring experts from the observability space as well as from various departments within Chronosphere.

As of today, three videos are available as part of a mini-series titled “The Future of Observability” inspired by 2022 predictions from Martin Mao, CEO and co-founder. See below for more information on each of the videos:

  • The Future of Observability: Open Telemetry Adoption: In this clip on OpenTeletmetry Adoption, Martin discusses what the future of OpenTelemtry holds. One of his predictions? Prometheus is worth keeping an eye on as a protocol choice and market defacto as we look forward.
  • The Future of Observability: The Rise of Cloud Native: The rise of cloud native. We all love it, and we all love to hear about it. But how will this influx of data affect those organizations that are still holding onto legacy solutions? Martin breaks it down in this clip.

In the upcoming weeks, you can expect videos on new topics ranging from high cardinality, the three phases of observability, to the future of PromQL with Julius Volz. Make sure to subscribe to the Chronosphere YouTube channel so you don’t miss any future videos within our “Observability for What’s Next” series.