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Chronosphere and Google Cloud Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Chronosphere and Google Cloud have partnered to bring together the best in cloud native services and cloud native observability.  With the power of Google Cloud and Chronosphere, observability teams can transform their observability data based on the need, context, and utility, storing only the useful data to reduce cost and improve performance.

With purpose-built solutions for a cloud native world, teams gain faster issue detection and resolution, up to 99.99% availability and open source compatibility–eliminating vendor lock-in.

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of Chronosphere is built on Google Kubernetes Engine


data points per second sent

Built to scale with our largest customers


Joint Google Cloud reference customers

Snap, Obsidian, Dandy and Visa

Google Cloud Chronosphere

Built on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Chronosphere is the only cloud-native observability solution that helps teams quickly resolve incidents before they affect the customer experience and the bottom line.

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