Cloud Monitoring

Metrics are the backbone of your observability implementation. With reliable, scalable and efficient cloud monitoring metrics, you can know about issues before your customers do.

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What is cloud native monitoring?

Purpose built for cloud native’s unique monitoring challenges.


Built from day one to handle the outsized volume of monitoring data produced by cloud native applications.


Offered as a single centralized service for business owners, application developers and infrastructure engineers to debug issues throughout the stack.


Tailored for each use case from sub-second data for continuous deployments to one hour data for capacity planning.

Cloud monitoring has fundamentally changed

Today’s cloud monitoring tools were not designed for the complex, dynamic and interconnected nature of cloud native architecture.

Data growth.

Cloud native environments emit between 10x and 100x more than traditional VM-based environments. Growth not only in volume, but in cardinality as well.

Flexible and ephemeral.

Usage patterns and retention requirements are vastly different to pre-cloud native Some of this is driven by the nature of cloud native infrastructure (ephemeral and stateless), but also by the increased ability to run experiments at high velocity.


Microservices inevitably lead to more complex dependencies that can slow down troubleshooting and require monitoring an increasing number of request paths.

The result is exponentially increased complexity driving unsustainable metrics growth. Companies need a cloud monitoring solution that is as scalable, reliable and flexible as the cloud native apps they need to monitor.

Chronosphere’s observability platform is built to handle the scale and complexity of cloud native metrics

Proven at Scale.

Chronosphere’s underlying metrics engine M3 powers monitoring at Uber, Walmart, Databricks and FedEx.

Scale seamlessly.

Ingest and query billions of metric data points per second.

Respond instantly.

Trigger alerts, pull up dashboards and detect issues within a second.

Trust consistently.

Keep three consistent copies of your data across failure domains.

It’s time to take back control

When you take back control of your cloud native monitoring, good things start to happen.

No more overages.

When you’re in the driver’s seat, you set the pace. You never need to see an overage charge ever again.

Cost governance.

Set limits on monitoring spend for each specific team and use case.

Data policies.

Customize aggregation, retention and granularity settings based on priorities and budget.

Increased efficiency.

Improve overall cost efficiency by 10x compared to existing monitoring offerings.

Forget proprietary clients, integrations, and data formats

With Chronosphere, you can leverage the open standards of the cloud native ecosystem


One-click deployment with support for Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, and StatsD ingestion protocols.


Storage and index for both Prometheus and Graphite data types in the same solution.


Grafana compatible dashboards with full support for PromQL and Graphite.


Fast and dependable alerting engine with integration for PagerDuty, Slack, OpsGenie and webhooks.

Ready to see it in action?

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