Chronosphere Logs

Scalable, Performant Logging with Unparalleled Efficiency

Discover the transformative power of Logs powered by CrowdStrike, seamlessly integrated with Chronosphere.

Experience rapid, cost-efficient logging capabilities with advanced log reduction and transformation, optimized for extraordinary scale.

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Logs Key Benefits

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Reduce Costs

Reduce log volumes by filtering out redundant and non-essential log entries, redacting sensitive information, and deduplicating logs. This process reduces storage requirements and associated costs by at least 30%, ensuring only the most relevant data is retained.

Route high-value logs to Chronosphere for real-time analysis while directing less critical logs to cost-effective cloud object storage. This flexibility optimizes both performance and expenses, helping you manage your log data more efficiently.

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Accelerate Incident Response

By processing logs in-flight, you can transform and enrich them with contextual data, reducing noise and making it easier to identify key issues. This approach enhances the relevance of your log data, speeding up the incident response process.

By integrating logs with metrics and traces within Chronosphere, you get a unified view of your telemetry data. This seamless correlation allows for faster root cause analysis and more efficient troubleshooting, significantly accelerating your incident response times.

Logs Features

Control for Logs

maximize your control

Seamlessly collect logs from any source with built-in integrations, ensuring comprehensive data coverage. Leverage advanced log reduction techniques to filter out redundant and non-essential log entries, reducing storage costs by at least 30%.

Route high-value logs to Chronosphere for real-time analysis and direct less critical logs to cost-effective cloud storage, such as Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage. Transform and enrich logs in-flight, adding valuable context and reducing noise, to accelerate incident response.

Seamless Correlation

Across all telemetry types

Streamline your observability workflow with Chronosphere Lens. Integrating logs, metrics, traces, and events into one platform, we offer a cohesive view of your system's health, while maintaining context and clarity for engineers.

This unification reduces tool sprawl and minimizes context-switching, boosting developer productivity and system insights.


Logging capabilities

Embrace the power of handling massive volumes of data effortlessly. Logs powered by Crowdstrike enables you to manage petabyte-scale data streams with ease. This unprecedented scalability ensures that your logging infrastructure grows seamlessly with your business.

Accelerated Insight

With Blazing-Fast Search

Experience unparalleled performance with Chronosphere Logs. Dive into real-time streaming and index-free search capabilities for swift, precise query resolution. Empower your developers to tackle complex issues head-on, scouring through extensive log data at unprecedented speed.

Benefit from sub-second search latency to rapidly identify and rectify incidents, gaining deeper insights into root causes. This swift, decisive action not only streamlines incident management but also fortifies your system's resilience, delivering tangible value in maintaining seamless operations.


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