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Dandy Scales with Chronosphere, without Increasing OPEX, to Seamlessly Monitor Their Cloud-native Infrastructure

Dandy entrusted Chronosphere’s observability tooling and Google Cloud’s platform to deliver innovative digital dental services across thousands of dental practices, ensuring seamless monitoring of the cloud-native infrastructure pivotal to their clientele’s satisfaction.

Executive Summary 

Dandy is an end-to-end solution for dentists going digital by integrating local scanning into a proprietary digital workflow that embeds with our 100% digital dental lab. Dandy is disrupting an antiquated $200 billion industry by helping dentists go digital.

What that means: Remember going to the dentist and biting down on the mouthguard full of putty? Ick.

You don’t have to do that anymore.

Dandy Depends on Reliable Systems to Deliver a Great Product

Now Dandy gives dentists an intraoral scanner that takes a digital scan of your teeth and gums. Their chairside software turns that scan into a 3D impression of your mouth. And with that file, their dental lab mills, fabricates, or 3D-prints your night guard, crown, or even full dentures. This new way of working is more efficient, more accurate, and more comfortable for the patient.

When Dandy tells the dentist the dentures will be there by a certain date, she schedules the follow-up with the patient. We can’t have anything delay the process. The patients’ quality of life is diminished until they deliver.

Dandy can only reliably deliver a good product if their systems are reliable. Behind the scenes, the Dandy engineering team needs to monitor the laptops at thousands of dental practices, hardware and processes within Dandy’s labs, and the core Google Cloud infrastructure at the heart of it all.

The platform engineering team at Dandy is responsible for putting the right tools in the hands of our broader engineering team and setting them up to work comfortably/confidently in a high-velocity environment.

“Many outlets can tell you why they adopted Chronosphere, but we can tell you why we continue to use Chronosphere.

Number 1 is trust. Chronosphere is our source of truth for monitoring and alerting, and our go-to tool for investigating production issues. Having a super reliable observability platform is crucial, since we rely on those insights at extremely critical moments—such as during incidents. We rely on Chronosphere tooling to tell us immediately when something is wrong, and to give us the information we need to fix the issue. Without them, issues would last longer, or go undetected entirely. Our confidence in our own platform is built on our confidence in Chronosphere.”

Chronosphere is a central fixture of Dandy development flows. Engineers rely on insights from metrics and traces to build new features, troubleshoot performance bottlenecks, and of course resolve incidents in the war room. Jack indicates that “the ability to unify telemetry across a fleet of thousands of laptops, and applications running in Google Cloud is indispensable, and the intuitive UX takes the stress out of crunch-time information gathering.

Thanks to Chronosphere and Google Cloud we can scale, while controlling data costs, and deliver the fastest and most consistent patient experience. Additionally, working with two Kubernetes and Cloud Native industry leaders gives us the confidence to reach our company’s mission of providing dentists with the most trusted digital dental operating system in the industry.

Additionally, “when we signed up for Chronosphere, we expected great tooling, but the bonus is truly exceptional customer service. It isn’t just white glove, it is hand-in-hand. They embed in our Slack channels for quick communication, create workshop opportunities for individual teams, and are constantly helping us improve our observability story as a whole.

The platform at Dandy is continually evolving, and as it does, so too are their observability needs. “Chronosphere gives us granular control over what telemetry is ingested, how it is sampled, and how it is persisted. Through their tools, we have confidence that we’ll only pay for what we need —no matter how our platform changes. Recently we were able to use Chronosphere’s tail-sampling feature to selectively discard 80% of traces that were simply noise, providing no value, saving us money!” says Pierce.

At Dandy, we have helped over 1 million dental patients, so we know a thing or two about smiles. Other than good dentistry, and yes, flossing, the key to a true smile is confidence. And we have that in our partnership with Chronosphere and Google Cloud.”

Jack Pierce
Platform Engineer | Dandy

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