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Designed for modern enterprises demanding high performance, scalability, and comprehensive insights, Chronosphere Metrics is purpose-built to manage high-volume and high-cardinality metric data generated by containerized microservices architectures.

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Battle-Tested Platform

Born from the need to handle Uber's massive scale and complexity, Chronosphere Metrics was developed by the engineers who built M3DB and managed observability at one of the world's largest and most demanding environments. Our platform is battle-tested and proven to deliver under the most challenging conditions, giving you confidence that Chronosphere can handle your observability needs, no matter the scale.

Metrics Key Benefits

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Unrivaled Scalability & Reliability

Engineered to handle billions of data points and high-cardinality metric data generated by cloud native environments.

99.9% SLA - Highest in the industry. Historically deliver 99.99%.

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Predictable Costs

Reduce metric volumes and control observability spend without compromising performance via our Control Plane.

Customers experience` a 60% reduction in metric volumes, on average.

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More Productive Developers

Rapid-fire alerts coupled with industry-leading query and dashboard speeds give developers the information they need to troubleshoot efficiently.

Real-time access to critical insights and comprehensive metric analysis for rapid issue resolution.

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No Vendor Lock-In

100% compatible with open source standards like Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, and StatsD ingestion protocols.

Support for proprietary formats like DogStatsD, SignalFX, and Wavefront.

Metrics Key Features

The Telemetry Usage Analyzer interface presents metrics, summary statistics, associated labels, and a table of detailed usage data. The summary indicates 21 configurations with a utility score of 2,321.28.

Metric Optimization Control


Significant increases in metric volume and sudden cardinality spikes can wreak havoc on your observability budget. The Chronosphere Control Plane offers the insights and tools necessary to analyze, shape, and transform your metric data, enabling you to control costs without sacrificing visibility.

  • Set Quotas: Implement quotas by service, team, and more to contain cardinality explosions and prevent overages.
  • Real-Time Analysis: Identify the causes of cardinality spikes and evaluate the value each metric delivers based on usage, frequency, and user.
  • Apply Shaping Policies: Eliminate waste and optimize metrics through shaping policies that focus on the value they provide.

Support for Multiple Metrics Formats

Chronosphere supports a wide variety of metric formats, both open-source and proprietary, including:

  • Prometheus
  • OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP)
  • Graphite (StatsD, Carbon)
  • OpenMetrics
  • DogStatsD
  • SignalFx
  • Wavefront

Unified View

Chronosphere Lens unifies metrics, logs, traces, and events into a single, comprehensive view, giving organizations unparalleled visibility into their systems.

This holistic approach empowers developers with deeper insights, enabling proactive management and rapid issue resolution to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Lighting Fast Performance

Delays in alerts and dashboard queries can result in financial losses and customer dissatisfaction. With Chronosphere Metrics, you get rapid-fire alerts and industry-leading query and dashboard speeds, enabling developers to quickly react and maintain their focus during incident troubleshooting.

Real-time access to critical insights empowers developers to identify and resolve issues 50% faster, ensuring optimal system performance and customer satisfaction.

No Compromise Scalability & Reliability

Chronosphere Metrics is designed to effortlessly scale, handling billions of data points and any level of cardinality your business requires.

Trust in a platform built by the engineers behind Uber’s observability system, offering robust support for large-scale, complex observability needs with a proven track record of 99.99% uptime.

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