Chronosphere vs Datadog

Chronosphere is designed from the ground up to give customers complete control over the cost and complexity of observability

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Are you looking to embrace the speed, complexity, and scalability of cloud native, without compromising on cost?


Chronosphere offers the only cloud native solutions that combine the reliability and speed you need with the adaptability and command you desire.

Why You Should Choose Chronosphere Over Datadog For Cloud Native Observability

Compatible With Open Source And Proprietary Standards

Chronosphere Observability Platform provides full support for open source standards, allowing seamless integration with OpenTelemetry and Prometheus. This ensures that you can leverage the best of the open source ecosystem without being locked into proprietary formats.

Additionally, Chronosphere Telemetry Pipeline, from the creators of Fluent Bit and Calyptia, supports a wide range of open source and proprietary data formats and protocols, enabling you to route logs from any source to any destination. Whether you’re dealing with legacy systems or modern cloud-native applications, Telemetry Pipeline ensures seamless data collection, transformation, and routing. This flexibility helps you maximize the value of your observability data and maintain interoperability across diverse systems.

Make Your Engineers More Productive

Chronosphere Lens is designed to enhance how developers engage with and manage observability data. It integrates seamlessly with existing systems to provide a unified view of metrics, logs, and traces, streamlining the detection, troubleshooting, and resolution of issues.

Chronosphere Lens delivers actionable insights rather than raw data, making it easier for developers to understand and respond to system dynamics effectively. Personalized, context-driven views adapt to the needs of users during incidents, enhancing both the efficiency and precision of the troubleshooting process.

Telemetry Pipeline helps reduce log noise at the collection point. This reduction in unnecessary log data enables engineers to focus on critical issues without being overwhelmed by irrelevant information, significantly boosting productivity and improving issue resolution times.

With Chronosphere, engineers spend 50% less time troubleshooting on average.

Run Your Cloud Native Applications With Confidence

Chronosphere is designed to monitor dynamic, cloud-native environments such as Kubernetes clusters. It provides deep visibility into containerized applications, helping users track performance, resource utilization, and operational health across multiple clusters.

For organizations using microservices architectures, Chronosphere offers comprehensive insights into the interactions and performance of individual services. This includes monitoring service latencies, errors, and request rates, providing you with a complete picture of your system's health, and enabling quick issue resolution.

Telemetry Pipeline is built to seamlessly integrate with Kubernetes, ensuring that your cloud-native applications run smoothly and efficiently. It also offers automated load balancing, scaling, and self-healing capabilities in Kubernetes environments, which are critical for maintaining pipeline performance and reliability.

Platform Comparisons Chronosphere Datadog
Availability, Reliability, and Scalability:
99.9% SLA
Public Disclosure of SLA Attainment
Scales to 2B Data Points /sec
Data and Cost Controls:
Granular Data and Cost Control for Metrics
Dynamic head- and tail- sampling for traces
Log Transformation and Reduction and the source
Flexible routing of logs with rehydration
Simple Pricing and Predictable Cost Growth, With No Overages
Centralized Data Governance and Shared Responsibility for Data Growth
Telemetry Pipeline:
Data collection from any source with built-in integrations
Data routing to any destination, including any observability or SIEM
Automated pipeline operations
Cloud Native Compatibility:
Features Optimized for Distributed Architectures on Containers
100% Open Source and PromQL Compatible
Service-centric views with auto-discovery
Outcome Focused Solution:
Fastest Issue Detection
1-second resolution alerts
30-second resolution alerts
Automatic Slow Query Optimization for Faster Dashboards and Alerts
Customized Enablement Via Dedicated Customer Success Team, At No Additional Cost

Why Chronosphere as an Alternative to Datadog?

Choose Chronosphere as a Datadog alternative for observability that’s built from the ground up for cloud native environments. Our solution is designed to handle the scale and complexity of today’s cloud native world, giving you the control, flexibility, and reliability you need to manage your data effectively​.

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Find out how Chronosphere’s Datadog alternatives can revolutionize your cloud native observability and save money on your tool costs.