Chronosphere vs Datadog

Learn why Chronosphere is the better choice for Cloud Native applications

Embracing cloud-native shouldn’t mean compromising on cost or scale. Monitoring platforms like Datadog aren’t designed to meet the growing demands of complexity and scalability within budget constraints. Unlike other Datadog competitors, Chronosphere was built from the ground up to deliver an unparalleled balance of cost control and performance.

It’s not just about managing speed, complexity, and scale – it’s about doing so while maintaining a cost-conscious approach. Chronosphere is the only cloud native observability platform that combines the reliability and speed you need with the adaptability and command you desire.

Why Customers Prefer Chronosphere

Availability and Reliability

Cost Control & Predictable Pricing

More Productive Engineers

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Chronosphere offers twice the contractual SLA of Datadog, and in practice this year has performed twenty times more reliably.

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Chronosphere enables customers to realize significant cost savings. Our customers typically see up to 80% cost savings compared to Datadog, coupled with the ability to predict and control their expenses over time. This isn’t about sacrificing data; it’s about optimizing budgets without the fear of overages.

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Chronosphere provides context-rich alerts and seamless linking of data types for faster time to triage. With Chronosphere, engineers spend 50% less time troubleshooting on average.

Why Chronosphere as an Alternative to Datadog?

Choose Chronosphere as a Datadog alternative for observability that’s built from the ground up for cloud-native environments. Our solution is designed to handle the scale and complexity of today’s cloud-native world, giving you the control, flexibility, and reliability you need to manage your data effectively​.

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