Chronosphere at FluentCon North America 2021 – Replay

Chronosphere teamed up with Calyptia to host a workshop on getting started with FluentBit and metrics using M3DB.

“Hands On Workshop: Getting Started With Fluent Bit and Metrics With M3DB”, Anurag Gupta, Calyptia & Gibbs Cullen, Chronosphere

The Fluent Ecosystem has recently added support for Prometheus and Open Metrics. This hands-on session will give attendees a chance to both learn and try out the new capabilities while being guided by a Fluent maintainer and Prometheus community expert. in this session we will cover the following: * An introduction to Fluent ecosystem and metrics * How to spin up an open source metrics backend (M3DB) as well as visualization platform (Grafana) * Setting up Fluent Bit to collect and send metrics to the backend; Viewing and visualizing data that is sent by Fluent Bit * Question and answer section. This session is suitable for learners of all skill levels, and attendees can expect to leave having a better grasp of how these Cloud Native projects can be used together to strengthen observability.

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