Chronosphere’s guide to Level Up KubeCon+ CloudNativeCon 2022 

Level Up and join Chronosphere at KubeCon+ CloudNativeCon 2022 in Detroit, Michigan on October 22.
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Eric Schabell
Eric D. Schabell | Director of Technical Marketing and Evangelism | Chronosphere

Eric is Chronosphere’s Director of Technical Marketing and Evangelism. He’s renowned in the development community as a speaker, lecturer, author and baseball expert. His current role allows him to help the world understand the challenges they are facing with cloud native observability. He brings a unique perspective to the stage with a professional life dedicated to sharing his deep expertise of open source technologies, organizations, and is a CNCF Ambassador.


In three short weeks, the Chronosphere team will be touching down in Detroit and heading over to the Huntington Place Convention Center to grab KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022 badges and to get a lay of the land. Detroit is historically thought of as being home to the “Big Three” automakers and as a city in unfortunate decline since the industrial glory days. But! Less well known is that Motor City (aka Motown) is going through a period of revival and recently made #9 on the New York Times list of the 52 best places to go! There’s a lot to check out in Detroit whether you’re a foodie, a music lover, or someone who wants to explore miles of the city’s transformed industrial riverfront … or someone who wants to dig in on the latest in open source tech.

Kudos to KubeCon event planners for ignoring the temptations of glitzy venues and choosing an off-the-beaten-path location. Now, let’s talk about what there is to do and see inside the conference center walls the week of October 24th, 2022.

Will there be themes?

With so many sessions dedicated to the topic of Kubernetes—a quick scan of the schedule pops up “Kubernetes” 70+ times—we can expect a lot of formal and informal discussions around this topic. Not surprising considering a recent survey from the CNCF concluded Kubernetes has already gone mainstream, with 96% of organizations either using or evaluating Kubernetes and about 60% using it in actual practice for a container orchestration platform.

Other highly anticipated topics to look for: Open Telemetry, Prometheus, distributed tracing, and, of course, cloud native observability (🖐️).

Packed with sessions and keynotes

So, what can we expect in the schedule for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022? Lots! This week consists of co-located events on Monday and Tuesday (Oct 24-25), followed by the main conference from Wednesday through Friday (Oct 26-28). As a hybrid event, there will be in-person and online content for those that want to attend virtually. Here are some things to look out for:

As of this posting, some of KubeCon’s keynote topics and speakers are still taking shape. What we do know is there will be daily keynotes starting at 9am, with several speakers cycling through. For example, Wednesday’s keynote kicks off with opening remarks from CNCF Executive Director Priyanka Sharma who will be followed by remarks from Shatarupa Nandi (VMware), Ricardo Rocha (Computing Engineer at CERN) and Emily Fox (Security Engineer at Apple), and Frederick Kautz (Cloud Native Infra and Security Enterprise Architect).

To dig into the specifics of the keynote sessions and speakers, and to set your schedule for all of the events, you can check out the list here.

Connect with Chronosphere during KubeCon 

Have I mentioned we are super excited to be on the ground at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022 in-person? If you are attending in person, we look forward to seeing you there. If not, our sessions and keynotes will be available online. Here’s a snapshot of what we are doing.

Open Observability Day

  • Distributed Tracing – The Struggle is Real
    When: Monday, October 24 | 9:30 AM
    Where: Register here

In this keynote, Ian Smith, Chronosphere Field CTO, will explore where organizations are getting stuck with distributed tracing and how they can overcome these obstacles. To drive broader adoption of distributed tracing, a new approach is needed.

Prometheus Day

  • Reality check: Is it time to raise your metrics game?
    When: Tuesday, October 25 | 9:15 AM
    Where: Register here

In this keynote, Chronosphere co-founder and CEO, Martin Mao, and former observability engineering leader at Uber, and Yash Kumaraswamy, Senior Staff Engineer at Robinhood and observability tech lead, share major takeaways from their past experience and lessons learned.

  • Prometheus documentary debut
    When: Tuesday, October 25 | 9:45 AM
    Where: Add it to your schedule here

Here’s something a little different—make room in your schedule Tuesday morning to watch the premiere of, Inside Prometheus: An Open Source System That Changed Technology. In this new documentary film about the origins of Prometheus you’ll hear from pioneers, engineers, and executives from the Prometheus community, including Chronosphere CTO, Rob Skillington. In the meantime, you can catch the trailer here:

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