Meet Chronosphere at KubeCon North America 2022

October 24-28, 2022 | Detroit, MI | In-person + Virtual

Learn how to level up your cloud native observability with Chronosphere.

Chronosphere is excited to be a Gold sponsor at this year’s KubeCon + CloudNativeCon that will be held in Detroit, MI. Visit us at Booth #G15 or attend one of our speaking sessions to learn how you can take control of the chaos, get out of the weeds, and win customer love.

Multi-Cluster Stateful Set Migration: A Solution To Upgrade Pain

Wednesday, October 26 | 11:55 AM – 12:30 PM

Matt Schallert, Chronosphere
Peter Schuurman, Google

As more stateful workloads like Redis, Kafka, or custom DBs are migrated to Kubernetes, what operational paradigms need to change to support moving state across clusters and maintaining availability during migration? How do admins safely and reliably perform Day 2 operations and maintenance events while protecting the data and state of the app? What visibility is needed? Today, cluster administrators design complex workflows for data replication, pod and persistent volume migration, and state management for Day 2 ops. What if there was a way to seamlessly migrate StatefulSets between node pools or across clusters to simplify problems related to upgrades, workload migration, and stretching clusters? The speakers will demonstrate the complex patterns developed at Chronosphere to safely migrate stateful workloads to coordinate maintenance operations for thousands of pods across multiple zones and regions. They will then discuss a new enhancement to Kubernetes called StatefulSet Partition which is integrated into a multi-cluster deployment like Chronosphere’s and how this can dramatically simplify their operations to focus instead on core business logic.

DoorDash’s Journey From StatsD To Prometheus With 10 Million Metrics/Second

Friday, October 28 | 11:00 AM – 11:35 AM

Ben Raskin, Chronosphere
Emma Wang,

Prometheus and PromQL are widely adopted, and an increasing number of engineering teams are either migrating to use Prometheus metrics or use the Prometheus client libraries from day one. Migrations are difficult and at scale require significant engineering. This high barrier can deter organizations and place roadblocks on the way to becoming wholly instrumented with Prometheus metrics. Organizations also face challenges moving certain use cases from a metrics push model to Prometheus, such as exposing metrics from CI and CD, batch jobs and short running tasks. Using histograms at scale efficiently across many teams all using similar RPC libraries and migrating from a primarily percentile driven set of latency metrics that used to be aggregated centrally can be challenging without the right guidance for developers. Emma and Ben will provide best practices around migrating to Prometheus and share lessons and challenges from DoorDash’s migration journey from StatsD to Prometheus.

Co-Located Events

Open Observability Day

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Prometheus Day

Chronosphere is also a Diamond Sponsor of Prometheus Day, a co-located event with KubeCon on Tuesday, October 25th. LEARN MORE >

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